Fact Check: No order has been issues by Ministry of Home Affairs to restore the 4G Services in J&K.

Fake News Alert.

No order has been issues by Ministry of Home Affairs to restore the 4G Services in J&K.

Reports about restoration of 4G Internet Services in J&K were floating on Social Media including WhatsApp.

Our Team Started fact check to find out whether it’s fake or not.

ANI Reported that no such orders were issued by MHA.

4G: ‘Internet services upgradation as per situation’: K Vijay Kumar, senior security advisor MHA (24 March 2020)

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Tuesday said its response to the demand for restoration of high speed internet services in Jammu and Kashmir is much “calibrated” and the internet services in the UT are being upgraded according to the needs.

It, however, added that the final call will be taken by the government of J&K UT after assessing the situation on ground and getting security clearance of all concerned.

Talking to Kashmir In-depth News Service (KINS), exclusively over phone from New Delhi, K Vijay Kumar, who was advisor to the former Governor in J&K Satya Pal Malik, and is now senior security advisor in the MHA on J&K affairs and left-wing extremism, said: “Our response to the issue (restoration of 4-G services) is steadily calibrated. Internet services are being upgraded according to the needs,” he said.

“They (Govt in J&K UT) have to look at various parameters like society, environment, situation to lower down restrictions,” he said, adding that the J&K UT government is taking certain steps for lifting curbs like releasing detainees.
Kumar suggested to talk to Home Secretary as he was not directly linked to comment on the issue.
The high speed internet services were snapped across J&K prior to the GoI’s announcement on August 5 last year in the wake of roll back of J&Ks’ special status and slicing of erstwhile state into two UTs—J&K and Ladakh.
Of late, at a time when J&K is under tight grip of fear triggered by the pandemic Covid-19 with Kashmir witnessed one positive case and Jammu three, the demand for restoration of 4-G services have gone shriller with even top officials from the government demanding it as a means to know various methods being adopted by the global community to fight the Coronavirus.
Last week, when National Conference patron Dr Farooq Abdullah was released after J&K government revoked is PSA detention, he too demanded restoration of 4-G services. Today, when J&K government released his son and former chief minister Omar Abdullah after 232 days, he also vociferously sought restoration of 4-G services for learning the means to fight Covid-19. Earlier, Srinagar Municipal Corporation’s Mayor Junaid Azim Matoo too had urged government to restore high speed internet services.
Top officials from the police and administration had been maintaining that the if high speed internet would be restored, there were apprehensions that vested interests and anti-peace elements both within the UT and across the LoC would utilize it to foment trouble in J&K by spreading radicalization campaign and fake propaganda.(KINS).

Youth injured after shot at by Terrorists in South Kashmir village.

Srinagar, March 21: Terrorists on Saturday shot a 28-year-old man in Turigam area of Kulgam in south Kashmir.

A police officer told news agency GNS that the suspected militants fired upon Waseem Ahmad son of Mohd Amin at Turigam this evening.

Waseem, suffered serious bullet wounds in his legs and was shifted to a nearby district hospital for treatment.
Soon after the incident, the officer said that government forces have launched a hunt to nab the assailants. (GNS)

Politicians and parties who betrayed Kashmir and Kashmiris.

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By Momin Khan

The youths of Kashmir have mostly  stayed away from electoral politics only some of the population of youths in kashmir have stepped up and showed their interest in political field, some worked day and night to get space in the field and some came from dynastic political background. The reason behind the less participation of youths in politics is dynasty politics and the taste of betrayal tasted by the people of Kashmir since last 72 years and were betrayed by those politicians who played duo dirty politics and used the people for their chair and own political benefits.
If we talk about the leadership qualities the youths of Kashmir are none the less with any other,  They have the potential  to show their leadership skills like they have been doing in other fields like sports, music, acting etc and are making the nation proud with their talent, and there’s no such home in kashmir where people are not aware about the political scenario be it of national or an international interest. 
This political betrayal has been an ongoing process here since decades and the youths of Kashmir and kashmiri people were betrayed mostly by the regional parties of Kashmir “National conference” and “ People’s Democratic Party” . With the incoming of power, madness and corruption has always strangled the innocents. With every new incoming power, people expect a change for the betterment of society, A change which these ‘powerful’ and other parties then in power had promised during the campaigns held before elections. The power which should have brought patience, persistence and competence, is changed so corruptly that it ends bringing vanity and hypocrisy. Before getting in power, these people are at their best behavior. They make ‘hollow’ promises which are good enough to raise the expectancy of people but they never intend to fulfill any of these promises. As a result people were left heartbroken and distrustful. This goes on until another candidate comes and promises people of an archetypal society but fails miserably after coming into power. Distrust and power are juxtaposed to produce hopelessness in people. This hopelessness is misunderstood as Impotency by these ‘powerful’ and thus they go on carrying their evil deeds, many old and new parties came made hollow promises but failed miserably on ground to fulfil even 1% of what they said and promised with the people, due to this sour taste of betrayal, people of Kashmir lost their faith in democracy and became helpless against these powerful thugs who kept on maintaining their political legacies and always went against the decision of people. 
 In 2010, when JKNC was in power, Almost 125 people were killed and 4,288 were injured, including security forces. In 2008, when congress was in power, 46 people were killed and 1,265 others were injured, including security forces. In 2016 when BJP and PDP alliance were in power More than 100 people including 5 security personnel have died during the unrest. Over 19,000 people including more than 15,000 civilians as well as 4,000 security personnel have been injured in the unrest. To free the innocents from the clutches of horror, On Jan 09, 2017 Members of National Conference and BJP legislators clashed in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly during the Opposition’s protest to demand a time-bound judicial probe into civilian killings during the 2016 Kashmir unrest. An investigation is certainly required to keep a check on the powerful.
The politicians of Kashmir have always played chameleon politics, they played with the sentiments of kashmiri people by telling lies, making fake promises, giving Pro Indian statements in Delhi and Pro Pakistani statements in kashmir they treated kashmiris like fools as if kashmiris didn’t knew what they are doing and for what reason. The people of Kashmir had to vote in favour of them because there was no other option against them. New leadership of Kashmir was never supported and not even given a chance to participate in democratic process by centre government and these political prostitutes, as a result kashmir remained under these thugs who tried day and night to made their own fortunes, looted kashmir, and if anything was left there they would distribute it among the people and that too after a much of drama and publicity to show the people that they are working for kashmiris. Kashmir has witnessed many political killings too but unfortunately no one has ever talked about it because the martyrs were party workers not party leaders. Political parties here respected the party workers as like paid labourers and in return one or two jobs were given to the family of that worker leaving the educated youth behind settling their own lobbies and giving hype to corruption . These regional parties were actually fooling people on the name of article 370, 35A , AFSPA , corruption free Govt , good governance and many more but all that was a dream come true for kashmiris, these politicians and parties never intended to do what they promised with the people, not to forget during the last ULB elections in kashmir these parties first boycotted the elections and then made their proxies who were the member’s of these parties and were told to resign from the party by High command authority and contested elections on so called independent play card candidates and soon after the results the members were welcomed back in the party fold with flowers and bouquets in a short span of six months or a year. 
All the political parties in kashmir especially NC and PDP had a crave for power and they politicised each and every single issue of Kashmir for maintaining their political decorum in front of the people. These two parties are opponents only when one of them is in power but when both of them are out they are the sympathisers of each, we know the example of this how they held secret and public meetings at Gupkar before the abrogation of article 370 and 35A. 
I have a question to the sympathisers of these parties and the leaders and say that these detainee’s should be released ASAP! If u want them to get released why don’t u shout for those children’s who are under detention since last many years and have been detained under their tenure, how many youths have been killed till now, how many people were blinded with pellets when these regional parties were in power. The 3 former CMs of Jammu and  Kashmir Mr Farooq Abdullah of NC, Mr Omar Abdullah of NC and Ms Mehbooba Mufti of PDP who are under detention right now since abrogation of article 370 and 35A were the head of unified command in their regime’s and it wouldn’t have been so easy for security forces to use even a single bullet on the people of Kashmir in the years of mishaps that have happened in last many years but it was their order and process in which many innocents lost their lives . Last year on 5th of August 2019 article 370 and 35A was revoked Centre withdrew the special status of the erstwhile state and bifurcated it into Union territories of Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh  and we saw that not even a single bullet was fired and no killings have been reported. I need to give credit to the people of Kashmir, the administration, and the security forces for maintaining calm and peace but there’s also a need to think. Why killings were being done only in their reign, Were they getting paid? Or they loved the blood of Kashmiri people ? They betrayed and butchered thousands of Kashmiri youths due to which many youths from kashmir joined other ranks.
In their political regime Every sector of Kashmir started downgrading especially the back bone of Kashmir economy “Tourism sector” was worst hit under PDP Govt lead by “Mehbooba mufti” and her traitors since 2014 , these are the questions that have to be answered by them. If they are against the revocation of article 370 and 35A, why don’t their party leaders resign from Parliament of India?  (Two of PDP and Three of NC) I don’t have any personal grudges with these parties or the leaders but yes, I am against their politics and the policies they used against kashmiris 
The article 370 and 35A was a political tool for them actually an ace card that they used to prevent their parties from fear of loosing elections in kashmir, these articles were just a box and empty inside. It was NC and PDP who brought GST bills, land grant bills and other bills that were not implemented in kashmir but after coming in power their first step was the governance against the people of. The people of Kashmir were and are fed up from them because their hands are soaked in blood they are responsible for the innocents killings in  Kashmiri, they did a lot of corruption recently a son of former finance minter of JKNC was booked by CBI for a corruption of about 171 crores and was involved in a bank fraud case there are many more leaders who are involved in corruption, bribery, political killings and other cases that should be investigated as early as possible. 
The views are of the writers own and it has been strongly mentioned that there’s no personal target to any of the party or the leader but against their politics and the policies. 

Writer Mohammad Momin Khan Turk is a Socio-Political Activist and can be reached at momink396@gmail.com, twitter mominkhanturk, IG mominkhanturk

Army soldier dies of cardiac arrest in Srinagar

An army soldier died due to cardiac arrest in Rangreth area of Srinagar district on Wednesday.

A police official told GNS that the soldier, M Paramaeswaran of 127 Light AD Regiment at Old Airfield Rangreth, was found dead today in the morning.

He was immediately shifted to a nearby military health facility where he was declared brought dead, said the official.

“Apparently, the soldier died of cardiac arrest,” he added. (GNS)

Militants hurl grenade at CRPF bunker, no one injured

Suspected militants lobbed a grenade at a CRPF bunker in Barbarshah area in Srinagar city on Wednesday.

Reports reaching that Militants hurled a grenade at a CRPF bunker of 132 BN at Barbarshah area but it missed the target and didn’t exploded.

A police officer also confirmed the incident said grenade didn’t exploded, a bomb squad team was called to defuse it. Officer said no loss of life or property was reported in the attack.

Pertnent to mention here on Tuesday evening one CRPF personnel was injured in Kakpora area in a millitant attack .

Dead Leh resident was not infected with coronavirus: Officials

A Leh resident who died in hospital a few days ago has tested negative for coronavirus, officials said on Tuesday.

Health officials in Leh said Mohammad Ali, who had a travel history to Iran, was not infected with coronavirus.

“We have received the test report of the patient who expired on early Sunday morning. It has been confirmed that he was not infected with coronavirus. He died because of other ailments,” said an official.

On Sunday, the administration had ordered closing of all schools in Leh district till March 31.

Ladakh has two positive cases of coronavirus and health officials said that the patients are undergoing treatment.

Non-local labourer found dead in Qazigund village

Qazigund, Mar 10: Police on Tuesday recovered body of a 30-year-old non-local labourer from a village in South Kashmir’s Qazigund area.

Reports reaching wire serviceA—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), that on Tuesday, locals spotted the body lying in a rented room in Wanpoh village of Qazigund and informed the Police Station concerned accordingly.

A police officer said that soon after receiving the information, a police team reached the spot and recovered the body.

The officer identified the deceased as Raju Singh, working as a labourer in Mir Bazar, adding that Singh has died due to cardiac arrest.

Trump has not been tested for coronavirus: White House

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump remains in excellent health and has not been tested for coronavirus, the White House has said, even though he was in contact with multiple lawmakers who have since gone into self-imposed quarantine due to their proximity to someone with the virus.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said on Monday that testing was not necessary because President Trump is not showing symptoms and the lawmakers aren”t confirmed to be infected.

“The President has not received COVID-19 testing because he has neither had prolonged close contact with any known confirmed COVID-19 patients, nor does he have any symptoms,” Grisham said.

“President Trump remains in excellent health, and his physician will continue to closely monitor him,” she said.

The White House statement came as Trump was in contact with multiple lawmakers who have since gone into self-imposed quarantine. These lawmakers had come into contact with someone at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) who tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

The virus is believed to have an incubation period of about 14 days.

Earlier during a news conference, Trump assured the country that his administration is taking all necessary steps to bring it under control.

“We are going to take care of, and have been taking care of, the American public and the American economy,” he said.

Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading the efforts on coronavirus, said the risk of contracting the virus to the American public remains low, and the risk of serious disease among the American public also remains low.

“The President did deploy not just a whole-of-government approach, but also a whole-of-America approach. And last week, at the President”s direction, we met with leaders in industries, from nursing homes to airlines, pharmaceutical companies, commercial labs, and it”s had great, great impact,” he said.

“Pharmaceutical companies are already working, literally around the clock, on the development of therapeutics; that will be medicines that can bring relief to people that contract the coronavirus. I know how pleased the President was to learn that the commercial labs in this country, led by companies like LabCorp and Quest, have already brought a test forward and are taking that to market effective today,” he said.

This week, they plan to have meetings with hospital CEOs, health insurance CEOs, and building on top of what the President will be announcing tomorrow with regard to economic relief for working Americans.

The global death toll from the new coronavirus crossed 3,800 on Tuesday, as China reported 17 new deaths. The virus has spread to over 100 countries with more than 110,000 cases of infection.

Forces launch Cordon and Search Opertaion in Hajin village of Bandipora District

Government forces on Monday morning launched a cordon and search operation (CASO) at Shahgund village in Hajin area of North Kashmir’s Bandipora district.

Officials told wire service—Kashmir news observer (KNO), that a joint team of Army’s 13 RR, 31 RR, SOG and CRPF launched a cordon and search operation at Shahgund village of Hajin.

They said that operation was launched following the inputs about the movement of suspected militants.

The heavy concentration of the forces was witnessed in the area and all the routes leading to the village had been sealed, and house to house search operation is going on.

Shopian encounter Update: One militant killed, operation underway

A militant has been killed in an ongoing encounter at Khawjapora Reban area in zainapora belt of Shopian district.

A senior police official confirms that one militant has been killed while as Operation is underway.

Earlier an official told KNO, that on specific inputs about the presence of militants cordon and search Operation was launched by joint team of forces including Ist RR and shopian police in the area

As forces zeroed towards suspected spot, hiding militants fired upon forces which was retialated trigerring an encounter, he said

Two to three militants are believed to be trapped and operation was under way when this report was filled.