Time for ‘Jammutees’ to enter mainstream.

By:- Akhilesh Dhar

Plethora amount of hue and cry is being raised by many self-styled activists and politicians over the abrogation of Article 370, which deprived minorities of J&K even of their basic fundamental rights. Not only this, Article 370 was some kind of royalty which enriched only the political hegemonist of valley comprising of Obdulla and Mufti family.

But now it is right time for the Jammutees to enter the mainstream politics, especially the Dogra community and the Kashmiri Pandith youth. They often come up with many complaints regarding public concerns. But their political presence is very less or we can say; it not even exist in Jammu. Student politics, is however, at a bay.

In today’s J&K politics, the only visible way is eying forward, not to look back. And policies and implementation must be revisited, revised, and readjusted by politicians and our youth is enough capable to do so by joining mainstream. Gupkar road is neither synonymous to this nor they has a copyright. Youth, here, is credible enough and political literate to become the policy makers in order to meet today’s requirements.

I hope that this younger generation will take this political process forward without playing into anyone’s hands. We, now must take the road to development, that doesn’t goes through Gupkar. (Area where the resident of Abdullah’s is situated)

Writer is from Jammu city he can be contacted on @akhileshdhar1

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