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Administration should update Electricity Transmission System in J&K on priority to save huge transmission losses: Dr Darakhshan

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Administration should update Electricity Transmission System in J&K on priority to save huge transmission losses’: Dr Darakhshan

Huge pending electricity dues to VIPs & Govt Departments & Organizations may be recovered immediately or the electric supplies be cut: BJP Spokesperson

Srinagar 12 january: BJP leader and Spokesperson Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today met many public delegations at Srinagar during her Public Darbar and listened to the public issues. She also resolved many public issues on the spot by taking them up with the concerned authorities and assured some other delegations that she will pursue their issue for resolution.

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi spoke to some media persons after the meetings and said that when the government has devised and implemented many long term projects and plans for overall development in J&K, the public has also to extend support to the government so that things are streamlined in J&K.

“I am happy that the UT government has taken up a four year plan of making J&K a surplus electricity producing territory where the entire population will get twenty four hour electricity supply. But here, we the citizens of J&K need to use the electricity legally and pay for every unit of electricity used. She said that by handing over the electricity management to PDC, we can expect a better distribution and billing system J&K. “We have a very faulty electricity distribution network in J&K which results in huge transmission loss of electricity procured. Those who ruled us ran the state on ad-hoc basis and never cared about streamlining the systems. LG administration should on priority develop our transmission system so that the public distribution system is improved,” said Dr Darakhshan.

Dr Darakhshan expressed her surprise at the huge amounts of accumulated unpaid electricity dues of many organizations, offices and VIPs in J&K and said that it was unjust to continue electricity supply to the erring departments, organizations or VIPs. “This past practice of free luxuries to VIPs and the approach of selective-ism needs to be stopped immediately. We have to start streamlining the systems from top, which will entrust confidence to the common masses in the government working systems,” said BJP Spokesperson.

She also appealed to the public representatives to educate people in their areas to desist from electricity-theft so that the system is improved.

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