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Anger against JK LG Advisor and his retired IAS brother in Delhi

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New Delhi, 16 Oct:

Anger grows in Delhi against JK LG’s Advisor and his retired  IAS brother 
In a police power misuse and land grabbing matter where RR Bhatgnagar made multiple calls from Kashmir to Delhi police anger is growing in Delhi against RR Bhatnagar and his brother Dinesh Rai. 
World over people have started writing about RR Bhatgnagar’s brother Dinesh Rai misuse of power position and some videos are also in public domain where they have sent police not only to Delhi but even Madhya Pradesh and UP. 
In a close group post of Facebook Anshul Bansal cites four incidents where people were threatened by RR Bhatgnagar brother Dinesh Rai across India in land grabbing. He further says this threatening to Delhi by sending police is not new but they have done in Rajasthan, UP and Madhya Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh even police gunners were sent in an unauthorised way. 
In Delhi temple people are upset due to this police influence on behalf of Dinesh Rai and RR Bhatgnagar. 
On speaking over telephone Mandir authorities spokesperson NP Singh clearly told Real Kashmir that they are land grabbers and threatening yogis in an unauthorised way. Singh further added they will send letters to both state Govt and opposition  in Kashmir about the activities of RR Bhatnagar. And they are so upset that they don’t mind coming to Lal Chowk to protest against Bhatgnagar and Dinesh Rai. 
Earlier same temple authorities wanted RR Bhatgnagar to submit himself for Narco and lie detector test to prove they are wrong. 
After Bashir Khan into Gulmarg land scam RR Bhatnagar is another name from JK Govt who is involved in an unnecessary controversy.

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