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Pride of Kashmir: Awantipora Youth Generates Power From Traditional KANGIRI, Charges Mobile From Shoes

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Awantipora, 01 Nov : It is often said that the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. Imbibing the same spirit, a 20-year-old youth from South Kashmir’s Awantipora has managed to generate electricity from a traditional Kashmiri ‘Kangri’ and charge the mobile phones from shoes.

Suhail Ahmad Parray (20), a resident of Chersoo village in Awantipora, his brother Abrar Ahmad Parry (16), & cousin Mazim Ashraf (15), came up with this invention a few days back, where the bulb lights up after getting heat from ”KANGIRI”.

Similarly, mobile phones and batteries could also be seen getting charged from the shoes, which left everyone flabbergasted.

Talking to the Arising State, Suhail Ahmad Parry said that it took him around twenty days to stabilize the temperature necessary to produce the electricity from the Kangri.

He further said that he used very basic types of equipment in the completion of the project such as bulb, rechargeable cells, thermoelectrical cooler, electric wires etc.

Similarly, Suhail astonishes people, while showing them mobile and battery charging with the help of common shoes.

In a reply to a question related to this invention, Suhail explained,” while mechanical energy is released by foot when walking or running, which is a major energy source.

Therefore, one of the most attractive options for harvesting energy from the body in shoes has the potential to convert mechanical stress into electrical energy which manages to charge the mobile phones and other relevant things from it explained Suhail.

He said that Abrar and Mazim have supported him from time to time and have played a key role in these inventions.

Suhail further said that he has been working on another project these days, “and will come up with a new invention soon.”

Suhail and his associates believe that their innovations may help the common man a lot, particularly in the winters, in order to survive frequent and unpredictable power outages in the valley.

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