Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

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Bandipora District Administration looks unprepared to handle COVID-19 Crisis : Usman Majid

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Former Minister & Senior Leader JKAP Usman Majid has expressed deep concern over the lack of co-ordination & Management in Bandipora District adminstration to handle Cornona crisis & lockdown.

Usman said, that even a month after the detection of first Covid-19 case in bandipora, the district administration is struggling to gets its act together.Bandipora has the highest number of covid-19 cases in J&K now.There are also concerns of a silent community transmission taking place in the district with sporadic cases being recorded of patients with no travel history or contact with Covid-19 affected persons.

“The rate at which cases in District Bandipora are increasing especially in rural areas, is like knocking at the doors of community transmission,” Usman said.”Although we can’t say today whether there will be community transmission or not , we will have to be prepared for it.

Usman Majid said, the quarantine centres in Bandipora are totally congested, as 10 to 20 people are quarantined in one room and are sharing a single washroom.The facilities at quarantine centres of bandipora is of questionable efficacy, despite getting huge amount of emergency funds from the Government.

Majid said, People living in red zones & buffer zones are facing acute shortage of essential commodities and the height of irresponsibility of the district authorities is that they don't bother to respond to the phone calls of those in distress.

When the sheer ineptitude and stubbornness of the district authorities endagers the safety of people, it becomes important to seek accountability.Asking questions is a responsibility, Usman added.

Usman Majid urged the Lieutenant Governor G C Murmu to personally intervene and monitor the COVID-19 crisis in District Bandipora.

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