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Bandipora Woman Syeda Masarat Haider sews 1500 masks and goes door to door giving them for free.

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Sumbal, Bandipora 10 Apr 2020

With her own sewing machine and spending her own money on the raw material, a woman from Sumbal area in north Kashmir’s Bandipora has sewed at least 1500 masks and distributed them free of cost.

Syeda Masarat Haider said she had done this for the sake of Allah and she will continue making her little contribution to the fight against Covid-19.

“I distributed the masks in the local hospital and I went door to door to distribute them among people,” she said.

Masarat, 45, said she was also making people aware of the benefits of wearing masks.

Masarat she is an active social worker and had helped the people of the area even in times like the 2014 floods, earthquake, etc.

She gave credit to her family for giving her unconditional support.

She said she is working day and night to sew masks for the people in Sumbal.

Masarat said that after coming to know of her work, many organisations called her to provide them with masks. “One such organisation two days ago told me that they will provide the raw material for the masks later. I agreed and I provided them the masks within a day,” she said.

“Many more volunteers are approaching me to know how to sew masks. I have no hesitation in teaching them. I have given them directions on how to go about sewing the masks,” she added.

Masarat said this was also a way of making the general public aware about the benefits of wearing masks during this Covid-19 pandemic.

“While distributing masks I also impart information on Covid-19. Most people are unaware about the precautionary measures they need to take against coronavirus,” she said.

“I will do this work till Covid-19 disappears completely,” she said and added that everyone should come forward and help in their own way.

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