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Central Government should withdraw anti farmer of agri related bills : AAP

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Central Government should withdraw anti farmer of agri related bills : AAP
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4 Dec 2020

Gurmeet Singh Social Activist and AAP Leader has reiterated his support to the agitating farmers and also strongly demanded immidiate withdrawal of the contentious farm bills. AAP will launch statewide protest in Jk (UT) against the Central Government if the bills, isn’t withdrawn immediately
He said that centre government should immediately withdraw the farmers bills as these would not benefit the farmers.
He said that BJP’s promise to double the farmers’ income has been sidelined and the farmers have been badly hit.
He said that a Minister from NDA’s ally resigned from the Cabinet over the issue. When the Centre is not able to convince its Minister and alliance partner how will it convince farmers? Farmers understand everything, the BJP government has betrayed them.He said that the bills were introduced hurriedly, without consulting the farmers.Singh said that farmers are the backbone of our nation and the present regime did a big blunder with the farmers. Singh said and added that according to these bills the farmers will have no right on their own produce and will not have the authority to decide the cost/price of their crop production. “This will leave the farmers high and dry despite consuming their blood and sweat while crop production,” Singh said.
The government must rethink the bills and take a concrete decision that should not affect the farmers as they are the backbone of our nation.Farmers must be the decision makers of their produce and they solely should decide the cost/price of their crops at any level of selling,  Singh said and added that these bills are aimed at demolishing the Mandi system of buying and selling where farmers were deciding the value of their produce.The Bills are completely anti-farmers and central government will have no other option than to withdraw them. Everyone want reforms, but these bills are anti-farmer, he said.
Gurmeet Singh demand to the central Government to withdraw the anti-farmer bill immediately and assured the farmers their rights.

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