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Coronavirus death toll crosses 16,000 in US, infected cases surge past 460,000

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Coronavirus kills over 1,600 Americans in just one day, total death toll tops 16,000

By Yana /mir

Washington, 10 Apr 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed over 16,000 lives and infected over 460,000 people in the US, devastating the country’s economy and rendering a record 16 million workers jobless in just three weeks.
Of this, the New York metropolitan area, comprising the adjoining New Jersey and Connecticut, alone account for more than 9,000 and 220,000 cases respectively.
Globally, over 1.5 million people have been infected so far by the coronavirus and the fatalities stands at nearly 95,000.
The United States accounts for nearly 30 per cent of the all the COVID-19 positive cases and over 17 per cent of all fatalities.

US officials warned Americans to expect alarming numbers of coronavirus deaths this week even as there was evidence that the number of new infections was flattening in New York state, the epicenter of the US outbreak.But Americans must resist the temptation to backslide on social distancing .

US deaths, the second highest in the world, set new daily records on Tuesday and Wednesday with over 1,900 new deaths reported each day, according to a Reuters tally. US deaths were up over 1,600 on Thursday with several states yet to report their latest figures.

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