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Culture Watch: Meet the copper Maestros of Kreeri

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Culture Watch: Meet the copper Maestros of Kreeri
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When it comes to copper handicraftery, the Kreeri village situated in the
historic town of Baramulla posesses a astounding lineage which has been
known since ages. There are many families in this village who have
dedicated their whole lives to attain mastery of this famous art. With the
spectacular work that they have been doing, the Kreeri residents have
attracted thousands of people from various parts of the country including
the very Kashmir valley who come to witness their masterpieces. One could
easily find the youth of this village silently working upon some new art form using the copper raw material in every nook and corner of this village.

The people of Kreeri have been doing the work of copper handicraft since
many decades. After the capital Srinagar, this is the only place where one
could find the intrinsic copper handicraft works in the entire Jammu and

Almost forty percent of the entire population of this village is working
dedicatedly in this industry. The new generation, infact the youth of the
village are learning this art with full dedication and could be spotted working
on different types of handicraft. For these crafters as well for the Kreeri
village, Copper Handicraft has become a unique identity for which they have
been now known in the entire world. The Kreeri villagers give due
compliments to Sharif-ud-din Bukhari who is known to have learnt this art
of copper smelting and then made the people learn the art of handicraft
generation after generation. The case of Kreeri is just one of the many
examples of Kashmir, which shows the hard work and dedication of the
people towards development and their true commitment towards a better

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