Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

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Democracy is based upon the conviction there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people- Mir Saima

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Kupwara, 21 Nov : Mir Saima has filed the nomination papers for DDC elections from Drugmulla Kupwara.

“Filing the nomination papers for contesting District Development Council (DDC) member elections is just the new beginning, new dawn for the people having faith in my intellectual being.”

For me its time to forget failures, forget mistakes, forget everything except what you are going to do now and do it. The atrocities women of this cursed Indian Part have been through under the hands of our own traitors holding the charges of Iron Throne have forced the candidates like me to come out of our comfort zones and stand against the wrong being trying to justify themselves as right choices by using weapons of winkhood and Bamboozle.

For me this was enough motivation to drive me out of my nest, leaving my 04 hatclings on God’s will. For me its, Do it now.

Somtimes later becomes never. I want my self to be a role model for millions of women across sub-continent who want to come out of their shells, made up of being to be considered as underprivileged and weak. I want to be a motivator for them, make them understand that this era belongs to mentally strong women and for empowerment its just us who could do it and belive me nobody else is going to do it for you.

We, Women, being soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered but women is blessed by this combination and we just need to put it to right goal and mark my words, “Nothing worldly could stop us”.
On this occasion I remember the heroic role of Queen Elizabeth-1, when Spaniards assembled a fleet of 122 ships to conquer British and it was Fifteen Spaniards against One British solider.

Under her Excellency Queen delivered the motivational speech to Troops at Tilbury, quoting “I myself will take up arms-I myself will be your general”. The superpower Spain has to taste pratfall under the hands of underdog British. A women is the only creature blessed with the qualities of turning tables according to her will and don’t leave this willpower to rust but put it to right use.

I urge my fellow sisters to seek respect not attention and the true beauty of women comes from her inner intellect not by using L’OREAL. I believe in being the change rather than to wait for the change to happen and my change for Kashmir is Kashmir devoid of Dictatorships/Dynastic Rules, who looted Kashmir under the shadows of Alligator Tears and false promises and due to our ignorance we felt prey to their baits.

This is NayaKashmir , this is Kashmiri youth, this is Kashmir belonging to Independent contesting candidates, candidates rejecting All Parties Gupkar Alliance ideology.

This is the time to make Kashmir achieve independence from such miscreants and selfish representatives, who see women as a piece of flesh out in the market for sale.

My handfolded appeal to my Kashmiri brothers and sisters is to give a chance to educated youth to represent them on higher platforms and I promise Insha-Allah the scars left on the face of Kashmir will be erased and only focus would be development and only development.

At last I want to convey a message to the people of Kupwara-1-Drugmulla Territorial constituency, “Trust first onto God and then myself and with His help I shall be your Pathfinder.”

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