Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

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Dr. Burhan Bazaz volunteers his services for general masses.

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Hails the efforts by adminstration of Jammu and Kashmir, asks people not to panic rather safeguard yourselves.

Renowned social activist Dr. Burhan Bazaz has advised people to make proper use of the meager available option to stop the further transmission of the virus (COVID-19) by being confined to their respective places.

Although use of face masks, sanitizing or washing hands frequently and maintaining social distance are the key factors to keep the disease at bay. He further added that staying at home is compulsory during this vulnerable time and is equally important as for doctors/ healthcare workers to be on duty. Dr Burhan Bazaz stated that without the support of common people the fight against Covid-19 can not ensure win.

It is the time to fight Covid-19 as one, mere doctors and healthcare workers can not make it against the disease. It seems that the disease has entered the Community Transmission mode. Hence it becomes mandatory for everyone to prove a good citizen and a responsible human being.

Hailing efforts made by adminstration of Jammu and Kashmir, Dr Burhan said that at this juncture the responsibility on the shoulders of Doctors / healthcare workers to fight Covid-19 on frontline is praise worthy and deserves an appreciation but everyone must appreciate the vital role of J&K police, SMC workers and other essential service field employees and unsung heroes working under current circumstances and while risking their lives. He also cautioned people of not consuming any medicines without prior consultation with doctor.

To reduce the hospital visits by common people for small ailments Dr Burhan Bazaz has availed his services for whole community and has shared his mobile numbers 9682384840 / 8715905544 for consultations and health related suggestions.

Dr Burhan Bazaz has reached out to the people thorough video message on social media as well.

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