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Fact Check : Messages circulating on Social Media found to be Fake.

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28 August: A post is going viral on the social media claiming that India’s first Covid vaccine ‘CoviShield’ will be launched in next 73 days in India. The post is misleading and fake.

The CoviShield vaccine is still under phase 2 and phase 3 trials in India and its availability depends on the successful completion of the trials and issue of necessary regulatory approvals. A clarification on the same has been issued by the Serum Institute of India (SII), the Pune based vaccine manufacturer of CoviShield. (

A post is being widely circulated on social media platforms with the claim that an asteroid will hit the Earth on 02 Nov 2020, just a day before the United States Presidential Election, thus, ending the year “with a bang”. The claim is fake. According to NASA, the said asteroid, 2018 VP1, is only about 6.5 feet long. If it does enter the Earth’s atmosphere, it will disintegrate and burn up because of its small size. (

A set of photographs showing a collapsed flyover is widely being circulated on social media with the claim that the incident occurred in Mumbai. Some also claimed that it is from Ahmedabad. Many other posts claimed that it shows “Metro Line Collapsed near Phoenix Mall Mumbai”. However, the claim is misleading. The photographs are actually of a portion of an under-construction flyover which collapsed on 22 Aug 2020 at Sohna Road in Gurugram. (

A video of a massive protest is going viral on
the social media with claims that it is from West Bengal. The footage has been overlaid with an audio of revolution song of a particular religion. However, the message and associated video is fake. The video is actually of a Bangladesh protest rally against Rohingya persecution in Myanmar held at Dhaka on 13 Sep 2017.

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