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Far from home, Srinagar cops get frequent briefings to stay strong on streets

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“No cop has gone home since 45 days: SSP Srinagar Dr Hasseb, says 130 FIRs registered, 250 people arrested for violating lockdown, We also provide survival kits to needy out of our own contribution…”

By Yana Mir

Srinagar, 20 Apr 2020

Away from their homes since 45 days, Jammu and Kashmir police is giving frequent “counselling lessons” to the policemen deployed on roads in Srinagar for implementing lockdown in the wake of Covid-19 so that they stay physically and mentally strong and beat the stress.
“We brief our boys, moral grounds, physical grounds and psychological grounds. We do tell them do’s and don’ts. We do tell them whatever you are doing on ground, that’s for the cause of saving humanity. Earlier, there was only morning and evening briefing to the boys, but in times of Covid-19, there is at least four briefings for boys on ground every day,” Senior Superintendent of Police  (SSP) Srinagar, Dr Haseeb Mughal said in an interview.
He said that the policemen deployed on ground are high in morale despite being away from their homes for almost a month-and-a-half. “We are making day deployments, night deployments and mobile deployments in mobile bunkers. Then in police stations, our SDPOs and other officers use public address system conveying the people to stay home, stay home. Those who still violation are being dealt as per the law,” the SSP said.
He said so far 130 FIRs have been registered in Srinagar district against the violators of lockdown. “Some 250 people have been arrested so far,” Dr Haseeb said. “We also provide survival kits (ration, edibles and grocery items) to the needy people and so far 400 families have been covered and the process is on.”
He said that police is at the quarantine centres, and is actively taking part in contact tracing process, which is very important. “In Srinagar, every medical team is accompanied by police team to ensure timely screening of suspects,” Dr Haseeb said. He said that majority of people have so far cooperated and “we are thankful to them.”
He said it that there has been no complaint from the people against the police. “Barring one incident where in a Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) employee alleged that he was beaten, there is no complaint against police in Srinagar,” the SSP Srinagar said. “We have strictly directed boys to persuade those violating lockdown amicably but there are some fringe elements, who don’t understand and we have acted against them as per the law.”
Asked how Covid-19 has affected his personal life, the Srinagar police chief said that he has been literally isolated by his family members, thought for the safety of his families. “I say hi, hello to my children from a distance. I don’t go closer to my family members and prefer to stay in a separate room. That’s purely for the safety,” he said. “We are fighting an invisible enemy and one can’t see how he gets infected. So better take precautions.”

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