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Govt of Pakistan shows Jammu & Kashmir as part of India on official map

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Islamabad, 21 May 2020

Pakistan Government’s official website on Covid-19 has shown Jammu and Kashmir as part of Indian Territory.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan had always maintained that Kashmir, is the “jugular vein of Pakistan” and a currently disputed territory whose final status must be determined by the people of Kashmir.Pakistan had also always shown a blatant disregard towards the UN Resolution and the Instrument of Accession.

In short, Pakistan holds that:

  • By staging a Kashmiri insurgency, through infiltrations and attacks on Indian army posts as well as civilians, Pakistan demonstrates to the world that the Kashmiri people do not wish to remain within India. Pakistan suggests that this means that Kashmir either wants to be with Pakistan or independent.
  • It insists that Kashmir should have been with Pakistan, because it has a Muslim majority.

Even though it has failed to abide by the UN mandate to withdraw its troops from LOC, Pakistan shamelessly shifts blame on India for not allowing a refrendum in Kashmir.

A poll by an Indian newspaper shows 48% of Pakistanis want Islamabad “to take full control” of Kashmir, while 47% of Pakistanis support Kashmiri independence.[377]

Former Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf on 16 October 2014 said that Pakistan needs to incite those fighting in Kashmir, “We have source (in Kashmir) besides the (Pakistan) army…People in Kashmir are fighting against (India). We just need to incite them,” Musharraf told a TV channel.[401][402]

Just few days ago, ex-cricketer from Pakistan made unethical claims about Indian governance, and mentioned that Kashmir is under a dictatorship.

PM of Azad Kashmir, who was selected by Pakistan Govt and not by elected by general public, Farooq Haider Khan had recently quoted that Pakistan army must attack India and fight for Kashmir.

Pak PM Imran Khan has initiated all possible propaganda against Indian governance in Kashmir, right from his foreign minister showing fake ISIS pictures at United Nations Convention as victims in Kashmir to staging Kashmir solidarity days in Islamabad.

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