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Haltage Renovation of Khanqah e Moula Unfortunate: Dy Mayor

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Haltage renovation of Khanqah e Moula unfortunate: Dy Mayor

Srinagar, Apr 13 : The renovation process of the famous shrine Khanqah e Moula was halted due to the concern raised by the public regarding its architecture and terming it as obliteration in the name of preservation.

As such Mayor Srinagar, Junaid Matto yesterday took stock of the situation and ordered the process to be halted. The preservation was tendered out and started by the Tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir.

However, Deputy Mayor Srinagar said it is unfortunate and has termed this as arrogance, saying that it all was done to preserve the heritage.

While talking to news agency, Parvaiz Qadri said that “Besides being a religious place, the place is famous among tourists also. All was being done for the development of this famous Shrine in Srinagar.”

“The process was not to obliterate, if a stone or a window had suffered some damage the process was to replace that part with the same old structure. It was a good step by the tourism department”, Qadri added.

While criticizing the move of the Mayor, Qadri said that the tourism department would have started this work only with the consent of the area corporator. Instead of appreciating initiatives of development, he (mayor) halted the project which is quite unusual.

“He himself wants to kick start every developmental project but that’s only virtually, he is practically zero” he added.

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