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Imran Khan smoked charas in my house, also snorted cocaine: reveals ex- Pak cricket captain Sarfaraz Nawaz

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Islamabad, 03 Nov : An explosive allegation has been made against former Pakistan cricket team captain and current Prime Minister Imran Khan by a former fast bowler, Sarfaraz Nawaz. In a talk show for a Pakistani news channel, Nawaz has claimed that Imran has been consuming charas (cannabis) on a regular basis and also snorts cocaine.

Nawaz and Imran used to don the colours of Pakistan on the cricket pitch together during the 1970s and 1980s. Nawaz specifically gave details of an incident from the 1987 tour – where Imran apparently had some difficulties to bowl against England. Upon returning home to Islamabad, Imran visited Nawaz’s house and is said to have indulged in drugs.
Imran was reportedly accompanied by the likes of Salim Malik, Mohsin Khan and Abdul Qadir too.

“He also snorts something. He (Imran Khan) has been consuming cannabis, he used to do it in London and even at my home. In 1987, when Pakistan faced England in a cricket match and he did not bowl well, he had come to my house and said along with Mohsin Khan, Abdul Qadir, Salim Malik in Islamabad for a meal and also consumed charas. He also snorts something and consumes cocaine as well. In London, he would roll something and snort it,” said Nawaz in the video.

“Bring him in front of me and let’s see if he denies it. I am not the lone eyewitness, there are many others in London,” he added.

Nawaz isn’t the only one who has levied such grave allegations against the current Prime Minister of Pakistan. The former all-rounder’s ex-wife, Reham Khan, has also alleged that Imran is a womaniser and a regular drug abuser. Reham has also claimed that Imran used to physically assault her and was in a live-in relationship with a married person. In her book, Rehan has accused Imran of consuming heroin as well as several other banned drugs like Rohypnol.

Sarfaraz was a part of the Pakistan team for a long time — 1969 to 1984 — playing a total of 55 Tests and 45 ODIs for the national team

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