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OPNION | In Search of My Mother- by an UYGHUR Muslim

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An Uighyur from Turkey on CCP agenda against Muslims

By Jevlan Kopyasi

Istanbul, 02 Nov : I am Jevlan Shirmemmet (JiawulanXiermaimaiti). I was born and grew up in Suydung town, Qorghas county of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region which we call East Turkistan. I came to Turkey to study in  December of 2011.  I enrolled in Istanbul Ticaret University Law in September of 2012, and I graduated in June of 2018.

I came to Turkey permanently in October 2016. Since then I’ve never been unable to return to my homeland because of The CCP’s racist policies.  Now, I’m living in İstanbul and going through the worst pain of my life.

My mother’s name is Suriye Tursun. She is 56 years old and she is a civil servant. She was an employee of the management office of trade-industry in Qorghas county. She was an Accountant. At present she is being detained in the Chinese concentration camps because I have studied abroad in Turkey ,and my mother came to Turkey on a tour with a Chinese tour group to visit me and my school in March, 2013 and stayed in Turkey for 8 days. After 5 years, the Chinese government apparently detained her for this legal, lawful travel organized by a Chinese State-supported tour company.

I lost touch with her in January of 2018. All of my family members had deleted me from their Wechat during that time due to worries that my contact with them might bring them trouble, so I also did not dare to contact them in order to protect them.

The last time  I heard my mother’s voice was in January of 2018. She told me “Dear son, study well and graduate with good grades. I know that you are very smart. And also, please take good care of yourself. Please use moisturizer for your face as it is getting dry and you look old. I always want to see your bright face as I miss you so much my son…”

But later, news was passed to me that made my life turn upside down. I was told that all of my family members were taken to the camps in 2018. The main reason for their detainment was my studying in Turkey and my Mother’s travel to Turkey. In 2019 December my father ShirmemmetXudayar and my brother Irfan Shirmemmet were released,my father was gravely ill. My mom was sentenced to five years in jail because she came to Turkey to visit me.

I am not only speaking about myself, for my mother and my family members here. Almost every single Uyghur student in Turkey has their family members detained because they are studying in Turkey or their family members visited Turkey.  I want to ask the Chinese authorities, If visiting Turkey legally was considered a crime, why doesn’t China persecute the millions of Han Chinese People who come to Turkey on a daily basis? Does not China’s constitution guarantee “equality among all ethnic groups”? Why would only the Uyghur and Kazakh Muslims face this type of cruel treatment? This is not only against human rights, it is against China’s own laws!  China has very close business ties with Turkey yet treats anyone who travels to Turkey as criminals and detained them in the concentration camps. Is it because Turkey is a Muslim majority country and they believe in Islam? What does that tell you about China’s intentions? Isn’t a clear indication of China’s views of the world Muslim community and China’s war on Islam?

Upon hearing about  this calamity that had come to my family, I contacted the Chinese consulate in Istanbul. Although they replied that they would get back to me, they have not kept their promise l. When I wrote to the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs, the only response I got from them was dead silence. It is not clear to me if Chinese government is silent because they are afraid of their crime or if it is that they are so arrogant that I cannot do anything about their crime that they do not feel a need to respond.

After two months, a diplomat of the Chinese consulate called me and threatened me .They told me that my father and brother refused to talk to me ,because they thought I had a connection with some anti-China organizations when I was in Egypt. This is a complete lie! I have never been to Egypt and I don’t have any contacts there. The Chinese government was  lying when they told me that my family doesn’t want me to contact them.. They also told me that if I admitted which individuals I have had contact with, and which organizations I have contacted,then maybe this could help my mom. They said that then they could help me to make contact with my family. What kind of threats are these?

Recently, I have been very vocal on social media. I have also been protesting and carrying my missing family members’ pictures. On the first of June 2020,the Chinese authorities forced my father to call me, trying to warn me to be quiet. But I won’t be quiet, not until I save my mother, not until my mother is free, and not until I can have normal contact with my family.

I beg every country in the world, the UN, international human rights organizations: please help me to save my mother, to free her, and to help me to contact my family. What I am asking for are basic human rights for my family, and for all Uyghur families. How can China be allowed to get away with this? And this pain is not just mine. It is the pain of Uyghur families across the world. We are crying out for help, please listen and respond.

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