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Inam Un Nabi Question Logic Behind Keeping Coaching Centers Open in Kashmir Valley

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Inam Un Nabi question logic behind keeping coaching centers open in Kashmir Valley

Srinagar, April 15 : Social activist and National Tv Debater Inam UN Nabi have questioned the logic and reason behind keeping coaching centers open in Kashmir valley amid growing Coronavirus pandemic .

Inam made it clear that in Schools which are closed the student teacher ratio is hardly 1:30 and many protocols are followed while as in Coaching centers no Covid protocol is followed while teacher student runs as high as 1:150 ratio.

Inam Un Nabi reaffirmed that recent rising Corona virus cases reported in the coaching centers of Kashmir bear testimony to the fact that these deserve to be closed.

Inam Un Nabi made it clear that in the priority of keeping open schools deserve much higher priority than the often money making coaching centers.

Inam Un Nabi made it clear that we understand the utmost importance of education sector for progressive society and leading a student towards civilization , but nothing can be more precious than life and well being of a child.

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