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Indians begin to move to Telegram after WhatsApp tweaks privacy policy

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Indians begin to move to Telegram after WhatsApp tweaks privacy policy

10 january :Popular messaging platform WhatsApp recently brought about a change in its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, angering many of its users. There are concerns regarding these new policies. The users fear that the new privacy policy will be used by the Facebook-owned platform to spy on them.

WhatsApp has made it mandatory for its users to accept new terms before they come into effect on February 8. Those who will not accept the updated privacy policy will not be able to use the app anymore.

After the users received an in-app notification to accept the new policy, they took to social media to share their concerns and complain about the issue of data privacy. Some users suggested that they were switching from WhatsApp to another platform, Telegram.

Telegram is seen as a better option by many when they consider privacy and security of their online communication. The mobile app enthusiasts shared tables and graphs to compare the two platforms as well.

The irritated users shared their grievance through memes on Twitter. Some informed the online world how they were using Telegram for a long time to download audio and video content and sharing it with each other. Some shared mobile screenshots as they uninstalled WhatsApp from their phones.

WhatsApp keeps user information under the Automatically Collected Information header and further categorises it into four sub-heads. These are Location Information, Device and Connection Information, Usage and Log Information, and Cookies. It also holds information about calls, groups, status, and profile photo too.

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