Mon. Nov 23rd, 2020

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Jammu and Kashmir Workers Party kick starts on ground political activity in hostile south Kashmir.

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Pulwama, 17 Oct : Jammu and Kashmir Workers Party president Mir Junaid today visited Kakapora, Pulwama therefore, starting his party’s political activity in the highly tense region. This is the first political meeting that happened after the abrogation of article 370.

During his visit, Mir had a meeting with the om ground cadre of his party and he asked them to work hard for socio-political reform in the region. Mir directed his cadre to always be there for the help of common people and take cognizance on their problems by taking up their issues with higher authorities.

Mir Junaid then met various delegations coming from different areas of Pulwama and took notes of the issues that they were facing. Mir promised them that he will do all he can to get their ossies resolved. Mir also asked the locals to come up and cooperate in the process of the development of their regions. 

While addressing the common people of Pulwama, Mir warned them against the malicious designs of the Gupkar declaration and also explained to people that how the so called “mainstream parties” were trying to find audiences due to the erasure of their role from the political map of Kashmir.

Mir said, “this is an opportunity for the youth of our UT to come up and take control of the destiny of this region and reshape the lives of commoners.” Mir asked the people to not to be afraid of raising their voices if they injustice on part of any official from the government as this government is for the service of people and the people serving in the offices are the servants of the public of Jammu and Kashmir.

Mir asked the people to participate in the upcoming Panchayati polls and take control of the developmental planning in their own hands. Mir Junaid explained to the people the role of Pamchayats in the society and how important they were in bringing democracy to life. Mir told the people, “the days of relying on an MLA for getting your work done are over. Now you have the power of planning and executing the work that you feel is needed in your region as Panchayati representatives.”

Mir added, “we need to dream realistically now and real does not have to be small. Our markets are open for access to rest of India and so is the rest of India open to our products”. He also went on to say, “we are all humans and humanity must be the biggest factor that unites us as humans. Pakistan has used religion to divide us and broken our society down. It is time to reclaim our old times of tolerance and harmony”.

Mir told the people that his office is open to the common people of J&K for the resolution of their problems and he will make sure that he integrates his struggles with the struggles of his people. Mir made it clear to them that we do not have to look for anyone as a Messiah as we collectively can solve any issue that we are facing through peace and love.

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