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Kashmiris fondly remember Sufi Saint Ahad Baba on his 10th annual Urs

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Kashmiris fondly remember Sufi Saint Ahad Baba on his 10th death anniversary
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26 July 2020

Ahad Baba Sopori was born on 30th of June 1930 at Mohalla Ashapeer in the Apple Town of Sopore in District Baramulla. he had rejected the comforts luxuries & activities of this world long before in 1950.

His Grandfather Peer Hidayatulla & his father Peer Mohd Ahsan were pious and dedicated worshippers of Allah and were held in high esteem in the society.he was married to a gentle and devout lady called Hajah Begum who died in 1979.

Since then Ahad Bab had renounced this world including his home and family, his mother-law Saja Begum took utmost care of the two children of the Peer and Saint.

His son Dr Mushtaq Ah peer is retried BVO & his daughter Shariefa Bano died at a young age immediately after her marriage in 1995. Ahad Bab in his early childhood was admitted in a local school (Zabardasti School) but he continued his formal education only up to 3rd primary.

At the age of 20 years in 1950 Ahad Bab was appointed in Kashmir Police but he relinquished the job after sometime, perhaps knowing that superial spiritual missions ahead of him & he was destined to console & mollify disheartened & penurious people of the valley with his spiritual touches and experiences. Immediately after bidding adieu to the world in the form of police service,they would sit in the mosques of the town during nights recite Holy Quran read the Tafsir & worship to Allah.

At this stage the people would believe that he had lost mental consciousness but they were ignorant about the fact (which only Ahad Bab knew) that he was very dear to Allah & He had accepted his prayers and sincerity of soul.& hence He had elevated him spiritually in a shorter period of time. As Ahad Bab had to receive spiritual experiences and turn into a Sufi he developed odium and detest for this physical world & discarded its luxuries, charisma and materialistic values.At the age of 27 in 1957, he had submitted himself completely to Allah and made an effort to move towards Allah with Ikhlas or sincerity and devotion In fact he had made sincere atonement to Allah & had resolved to return or make conversion from the world to Him.

He had killed the evil within himself and loved & feared Him.This strong faith made him to Pray in isolation to Allah during nights. Many noted Scholars of Kashmir and devoted worshippers of Allah admit that Ahad Bab would worship during nights & people never knew about it.

One of these scholars did reveal that during his Itikaf (Communion with Allah) period in Kahaja Gilgit Mosque of Sopore in 1975, Ahad Bab would come during nights to his mosque and recite Quran & educate himself from him about the teachings of the Holy Quran.

“Wazkurisma Rabeka wa tabatal illaihe tabteela. Rabul Mashriqe wal Maghribe la ilaha ila huwa fatakizhho wakeela. Wasbir ala ma yaquloona wahjur hum hajran jameela.” *(So remember the name of thy Lord and devote thyself with a complete devotion.

Lord of the East and the West; there is no God save Him; So choose Him alone for thy defender & bear with patience what they utter, and part from them with a fair leave- taking) (Verse 8, 9, 10).

The seeking of explanation of these holy verses was emblematic because these stressed that when a believer turns to Allah, he must leave everything of the world & this is what Ahad Bab was on who had begun to minimize his worldly needs and had detached himself from all desires.

The 26th of July 2010 Our beloved Ahad Bab the great Sufi Saint of the Kashmir was lefted for the heavenly abode physically at the age of 80 years.

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