Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

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Opinion: Let me just write a quote, Yes I will vote, Yes I will vote, This time I will vote.

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Srinagar, 13 Nov : Yes i will not BYCOTT the polls this time, Won’t be the part their so called Rediclised Rgime.

I have realized that this is the game of Bucks,

And your Leadership is a devil vampire
That has thirst of blood having a mouth which sucks.

I have witnessed the Groups and their Clearifcation,

It’s the same old wine in the new bottle under the tittle Gupkar declaration.

Once the mainstream also misleaded us
On the name of Abrogation,

Now formally they are in the field as Gupkar declaration.

Your Rediclisation has bitten us with Axes,

Now I will vote for the New Faces.

We have been looted on the name of rookery,

Dear All come let’s vote to strengthen the Democracy.

Nobody can suppress me the decession is mine,

Yes I will vote I will vote this time.

I won’t be the part of any Delusion,
Yes casting a vote is the only solution.

We have seen worst of these BYCOTT calls,
We are awake and educated now not your political Balls.

Miscreants will Roam with a sponserd note,
Let’s give them an answer by showing our worth to cast a vote.

Any more We will not be the part of your Lies,
Let’s be the part an idea and an idea which never dies.

Let’s help the generation and make a milky stream,
Let’s cast our vote and give wings to our dream.

Yes will not hear to these sponserd goats,
Money is their religion and their leadership is sailing in the same boates.

Let’s not Repeat the mistake again,
Because The game has just began.

Let’s come out of the homes and frustration,
Let’s not be the leaderless Nation.

Let’s spread the word and this slogan
BYCOTT is not the solution
voting is an option.

Yes let me just write a quote,
I will vote I will vote.

Abid Salam is a freelance journalist and a corporater from Muncipal councill Baramulla.

Can be reached at

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