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Never Lose yourself while trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t care about loosing you-Mir Basharat

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Never Lose yourself while trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t care about loosing you-Mir Basharat

PAGD a scam or truth, ask your heart and mind

Kupwara, 14 Jan 2021: Proudly presenting themselves as Peoples Alliance For Gupkar Deceleration or PAGD in short, as expected or forecasted by political triumphs to be the new methodology of fooling the already fooled population of then J&K state since 7 decades came true fortunately. Allianced to make themselves victorious in DDC elections areawise and somehow courtsey to our short mindedness we deliberately, knowing their past doings, allowed them to grab the seats which they never deserved across newly born JK(UT). But luckily, the scene which we were meant to observe after assembly elections came a little earlier before us; one cursing another and eventually division of PAGD.
For me a true political leader will never break: Promises, Trust and Someone’s heart and time and again these black hearted Alienates or PAGD have proved their worth with dishonesty, dismay and winkhood. A short simulation of public vs PAGD in reality;

Public: Why do they call you PAGD?
PAGD: They call us PAGD because we are Patients Of Grave’s Disease.
Public: What about when you’re individual parties?
PAGD: [pause] we usually fight for the CM’s chair with each other.
Public: why PAGD then.
PAGD: [lauhgs] To fool the fooled on big scale.

Mark my words, these Feliform mammals will never let,

  1. Peace to prevail in the valley.
  2. Development to step in.
  3. Poor to be uplifted.
  4. Corruption to be uprooted.
  5. Terrorism to vanish. These are the 05 fundamentals on which politics of PAGD is played in the valley. They will never let anyone to address these issues and if adressed their shops will be closed till eternity and its in the hands of kashmiri people to kick them out and bring back the lost glory of Kashmir I.e Kashmirayat, Insaniyat and Jumurhayat to its real meaning with the help of Bhartiya Janta Party.

Jai Hind.
Wande Mataram.

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