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NIA conducts searches in Bengaluru riots cases.

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NIA Arrests LeT Accused from Karnataka in West Bengal LeT Recruitment Case
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Bengaluru, 18 Nov : NIA conducted searches at 43 locations in Bengaluru city including four offices of Social Democratic Party of India, political wing of Popular Front of India (PFI), relating to rioting and violent attacks on D J Halli and K G Halli Police Stations in Bengaluru on 11.8.2020.

  1. The cases, FIR no.195/2020, DJ Halli PS dtd.12.8.2020 & FIR no.229/ 2020, PS KG Halli, dtd.12.8.2020 were re- registered as RC- 34/ 2020/ NIA/DLI and RC-35/ 2020/ NIA/ DLI respectively. The cases pertain to large scale rioting armed with lethal weapons causing injuries to police personnel, destruction of public and private property including DJ Halli & KG Halli police stations buildings and public and private vehicles. The riot led to fear and panic in the nearby areas and was intended to cause terror in the society.
  2. So far, 124 and 169 accused have been arrested in DJ Halli PS case and 169 are arrested in KG Halli PS case respectively.
  3. During the searches, incriminating materials relating to SDPI / PFI as well as certain instruments for attacks like sword, knife, iron rods etc were seized.
  4. Further investigation is going on in both the cases.

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