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OPINION | Are Social media Apps ‘left wing’ echo chambers?

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“I guess it’s an anonymous policy of twitter which they haven’t posted on their guidelines…”

By Mumin Khan Turk

Social Media has found its way to being the most prioritised part of our life since the inception of internet into this world.

Everything is now much faster than before and from time to time this has changed the life of people and made it easier for us to invent more innovations with the help of the internet. Initially after its invention , the internet was pre dominantly used for National security by internal agencies of a country.

But after some time this network kept spreading, web developers started developing more innovative apps for the use of common people with which people need no longer stand in queues to transfer money , people need no longer visit markets for shopping, people need no longer type long handwritten messages for their loved ones… it all became easy when Corporate world applications, Shopping applications, Social media applications etc came into existence. People welcomed these innovations with open arms and it felt like the world is really developing. Errands like paying bills had became easier than ever before. But with the passage of time, people have become hyper dependent on these apps and the internet. I’m not sure if this should ring an alarm bell but now-a-days everything is digitalized and any untoward disturbance to the Internet network creates havoc, making people suffer beacuse their work is not done.

This development of Internet made people self reliant and self dependent. From chatting with friends to earning money, it’s a one stop shop. One can easily do a part time job and earn some good pocket money, this innovation by humans is unstoppable. Social media apps have become indispensable as people started to use them for varied purposes – news, chatting with friends, sharing ther views on current affairs etc, not only commoners but leaders also joined the journey to easily address their people via Social Media . The most widely used apps by influencers are Twitter and Facebook with almost 90% of the world leaders owning handles on twitter and profiles on facebook where they post important information about their country or related to national security for their people. Its now so much more easier for people to get connected through these platforms and also know what’s happening around the world. Since the innovation of these apps people switched from Manual writing to digital writing which is 10 times faster than manul writing and also easier. Each application which you use has its own privacy policy and public guidelines and you need to use the same accordingly and one cannot cross the limits prescribed by such policies and guidelines.

This indeed is an appreciable gesture to protect and respect Users’ privacy and confidentiality but I belive the Outer world and these Social Media applications especially Twitter seem to show more concern for Left wing groups all over the world. It looks like they have owned it for a few million dollars or possibly Bitcoins, and there’s no privacy policy or public guidelines applicable to them. Whether they abuse or threaten someone on Twitter,their accounts will not be suspended rather one would notice a hike in their followers . My guess is, it’s an anonymous policy of Twitter which they haven’t posted on their guidelines.

The world can’t forget how some days ago, a mass outrage of people gathered outside the US parliament . The protesters didn’t agree with the results of US elections and when President Trump had to leave office, masses of People covered the parliament House and shouted slogans “Trump is our leader” . This mass outrage was condemned by most world leaders but then few days later, an alarming news flashed across portals and news websites that the official Twitter account of Donald Trump had been suspended by Twitter. The reason cited by Twitter was that Trump might instigate violence on Social media that will lead to mass protests all over the USA. It was Not just Donald Trump’s Twitter handle that faced the heat but many of his supporters too claimed the same, and in the next 24 hours , thousands of twitter handles were suspended on claims of violence.

A similar situation is observed in India where the constitutionally gift wrapped freedom of speech is enjoyed by political left wing groups on twitter and some other social media apps while right wingers are conveniently judged and their handles shadow banned or suspended for every differing opinion. This clearly indicates that right wing voices are being suppressed on social media and political debates are being distorted without reasonable validitation by these privately owned social media applications.

Recently, many Twitter accounts from Kashmir were suspended , the most mentionable one being the handle of Police Officer DySp Sheikh Aadil, who surprisingly never opined or leaned towards either left or right. In fact his popularity is an effect of his consistent efforts to help people with his initiatives and charitable work. That’s about his only engagement with the masses , devoid of any political leaning.

When summoned by Governments, the higher managements of these platforms claim they don’t tamper with anyone’s account to influence political opinions. Their favourite alibi is the ‘ algorithms’ story, a convenient excuse that they use for getting away with manipulation of influence and political bias.

This sheer hypocrisy of these social media applications against a few targetted groups of people is to conceal truth and facts and give maximum support to false propaganda.

If this selective suppression continues, then we are going to end up living in a lop-sided world.

I belive people should stop using these applications where voices are being suppressed to fulfill political ambitions of a chosen few, most commonly called the ‘ Deep State’.

If we bat for a balanced world with less drama, less hate and more progress, then it’s definitely more advisable to use other apps like Parlor or Squeaks which give the option of free, undiluted speech to all categories of opiners- left right or centrists. So that thought sharing is enabled for personal fulfillment and not for appeasement.

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