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OPINION | DDC elections or comedy circus ?

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This time J&K is witnessing a modernization in elections process displayed in humour by Funny candidates

by Mumin Khan Turk

Ever Since the Election Commission of India announced dates for DDC elctions in Kashmir, people from all walks of society went to fill the form to try their luck. Now many of you will ask me how do elections depend on luck ? Indeed they don’t and you need votes to win the elections but as far as candidates from J&K are concerned it certainly seems like they are trying their luck to win rather than votes from people.

It seems like people have participated in a race where males, females, young and old, everyone is participating but what’s more interesting is funny promises of some of the candidates.

Elections in kashmir have been a tough task for everyone be it security forces, contesting candidates, polling officers etc , we have seen many a times grenades being hurled on polling blocks on election days or inside homes of contesting candidates right before elections, so everyone remains hyper vigilant during this state of time.

This time J&K is witnessing a modernization in elections process displayed in humour by Funny candidates.

I call them funny not because of what they say on social media , not even because they can’t converse proficiently in Urdu or English languages. I believe language is just a means of communication and it should remain so, not some medium to judge knowledge of a person, Unfortunately those candidates are also in the race who don’t even know what DDC elections actually mean or what their powers are? What’s their responsibility? How to solve grievances of people? Keep a hand on your heart and think once, do these contesting candidates qualify to lead educated, literate youth of the valley?

Those who don’t know an Iota about politics and Kashmir are trying to become “Mantris”.

There is no doubt there are some candidates who are well educated, with a vision for development and it is a constitutional right of every citizen to contest elections but it doesn’t mean that people will make mockery of elections for the sole purpose of Security cover and to procure government cars!

Social media is full of funny speeches of these DDC candidates and in this fray we forgot to notice other more serious candidates contesting from the same constituencies.

Let’s not forget to take into account how the local media is trying to cover entertaining speeches rather than motivational and inspirational ones.

Some candidates have gone to the extent of expressing that they will get the powers of a Chief Minister after contesting Sarpanch Elections.

I guess the need of hour in our country is to implement a rule where contesting candidates should have studied at least till 8th class and only those will be allowed to contest and serve people.

In this modern era when we are trying to digitalise our country, and educate our countrymen, it’s obvious we need to mordernise our Political System as well. Politics is actually an institution which should aim to serve people rather than pointing fingers on opposition and earning money by illegal means. After abbrogation of article 370 and 35A ,officials in Delhi as well as Kashmiri people were in doubt over turnout of voters, how many would come out to vote, who will contest elections, whether regional parties now PAGD will file their candidates or not but after all it’s all politics and you never know what’s going to happen next minute.

Nobody would have guessed that there would be more contesting candidates in thiese DDC elections than ever before in other local body elections, as DDC elections happened for the first time in the valley.

Since it’s announcement, a beeline of people went to file nomination papers and jokes apart more than 70% of my friend list on Facebook is contesting DDC elections!!!

However the exact number of how many candidates participated in these elections is not known to me but as people were bored with COVID19 lockdown then these candidates came to entertain them and someone wants a Scorpio Car, someone wants a Personal Security Officer, someone wants Ravinder Raina to recite “Kalima”, Someone wants to work rather than talk in front of people, someone wants votes for her face etc

These words have become famous and evergreen for meme-makers. Voting percentage has been upto the mark this time as it was in the past, we have seen candidates being elected on less than 10% voting but this time in 5-6 phases of DDC elections voting percentage has been more than 50% which is a good sign for J&K and country as a whole and it indicates that people have faith in democratic India and democracy is still alive.

Yes thoughts and idelogies may alter but we need to agree that all are fighting by the principles of the constitution of India and for democracy of India.

These elections are going to make a strong grassroot level democracy and people will surely heave a sigh of relief after these elections as their elected representatives can represent them and solve their grievances at the earliest rather than bureaucrats but it’s going to happen only if they will elect educated and politically conscious candidates not funny and entertaining ones who contest for the sake of power, security cover or money.

It’s your election, you give a chance to your people to serve you not to become their servants and call them “Sahabs” which has become a tradition in Kashmir since decades.

Let’s break this taboo and elect those candidates whom we can question in open Public if they fail to work according to our expections. Further I wish the best for all the candidates for their political efforts…

By Mumin Khan Turk

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