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By Anwar Nizami
19 Dec 2020

Many writers in the past including renowned news agencies descried parts of India as living hell on account of poverty, drought and famine.

Despite all odds including economic and social backwardness, the society struggled and thrived in due course of time. There have been examples of individual and collective success in difficult and challenging times. But there has never been a situation, which was so grossly misunderstood as the problem of militancy in Kashmir. The common mass has not understood the vicious propaganda by our neighbor. The elite political class and so called strategists are only exploiting the grief of the valley.

Let me ask one very basic and fundamental question, do we take everything on account of 15th August 1947 as benchmark for our existence? Were we not existing or thriving as a society, when the so called western world was not even discovered before 1947? If this is be so, then why we are struggling to understand one basic issue that this problem is political in nature and not historical, by any means what so ever.

The design to cut India into pieces by executing ‘Op TOPAC’ is ill-conceived and baseless propaganda run by the state machinery of Pakistan. The basic character of a nation is exhibited by its policies. The so-called ‘Liberation of Afghanistan’ by Jihad shows the world that how much pain and suffering, is being experienced by each and every living soul of Afghanistan. Does till date, even a single strategist or politician of Pakistan expressed his sympathies towards the Afghan community, on account of terrorist factory outlet established on the soil of Pakistan.

Pakistan blows its rhetoric trumpet in whole world with regards to ‘Instrument of Accession’ by the sovereign of Jammu and Kashmir, but why does forgets to mention the same ‘Instrument of Accession’ signed by Khan of Kalat on account of illegal occupation of Baluchistan. These are few examples, which reflects the character of a nation. Why so called Muslims of ‘East Pakistan’ were put in ‘Holocaust’, despite belonging to the same religion? These are some of the questions, which every citizen must ask from the champions of hatred and terrorism.

Innocent people of Kashmir must understand that this propaganda is pushing this land away from its legitimate prosperity. The paradise, which has been gifted by the nature in all sphere shouldn’t be polluted by the nefarious design of our hostile neighbor. The common people must resist those who deny good education, infrastructure, employment, politicalstability and expose their propaganda, in all spheres of life.

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