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Opinion | Fighting Corona the Indian Army way!

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Fighting Corona the Indian Army way!

Keep simple things simple, share information and if you get any of the symptoms get tested! Earlier you do the better would it be!

By: M S Nazki


The situation for the administration is a perfect Catch-22 one. The ideal would be to go in for a lock down but that is bound to hurt people no end especially those who are totally dependent on the end of the day earnings to make their both ends meet. But on the other hand if they do not go for it the infections are going to rise as this is happening at the moment and wait till the peak ventures in! So it is all dependent on the people as how they go about it. Precautions laid down are a must and that is the only potent weapon we have at the moment. Taking on the virus and moving around with a thought process that we will see when we get infected is nothing but fool hardiness because the virus punishes in a ruthless way and that is the reason as to why I said keep simple things simple! One can blame the Government, criticize the way things have happened, castigate it for callousness but we should also consider the fact as to what we did to be safe from the pathogen? Precisely nothing and thus have landed in a situation where in front isan abyss and on the back the fear of fires of the virus gobbling us up! It has happened to a sea of humanity in India!

This is no philosophical chant or a moral lecture though both are important at this moment of time where people at times think that what is being told is mundane and we know what has to be done in these times when hell has frozen over. It’s great that most in fact all of us know what is to be done when we are outside thinking that we are free? Unfortunately we are not doing what is required as the virus is ruling us and it has subjugated our physical or psychological being. Therefore being simple and keeping simple things simple has to be the order of the day.

Once during a motivational lecture being given by a very senior officer and a top gun of Indian Army was lecturing the officers in Clement Town Dehradun. I know many would have guessed it but I will still rattle out the name of the man General ML Chibber. This is what he said, ‘ the greatest challenge in life is to be our own person and accept that being different is a blessing and not a curse. A person who knows who they are lives a simple life by eliminating from their orbit anything that does not align with his or her overriding purpose and values. A person must be selective with their time and energy because both elements of life are limited.’ I think this fits perfectly in the situation we are in. It is difficult no doubt but we can come out of it because sometimes it’s strange how the simple things in life go on while we become difficult. We did after everything opened up and are now in an unprecedented mess.

The Indian Army in District Poonch is asking people to be on this very paradigm, for their own self, for their families and for those around them and advising that the supreme art is the art of being happy with the simplest things and the greatest artist is the person who performs this art excellently in his everyday life! This war against Corona will be won provided the people cooperate and are on one differential calculus mathematically speaking. Till now we were not! This is what the Army is doing:

  • To mitigate the effects of the second wave of COVID – 19 outbreaks, Indian Army organized spraying of disinfectant and awareness campaigns at Khanetar, Kasbalari, Jhullas, Magnar and Kuniyan, (Poonch).
  • The Army has always played a vital role in all spheres of life, be it safeguarding the borders against our hostile neighbor or to help the civil auth and locals in times of natural calamity.
  • The last one year or more has been devastating for the entire world due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Most advanced countries of the world have been hit badly and India has also been affected equally or perhaps more now.
  • The second wave of Coronavirus is even more deadly which has severely impacted our country. The remote parts of Poonch District therefore also become vulnerable to this threat due to lack of health infrastructure.

*In these testing and horror filled times, local Army units joined hands with Corona warriors and carried out mass awareness and spraying of disinfectant campaigns.

*Apart from other COVID protocols, social distancing i.e. ‘Do Gaj Ki Duri, Mask Hai Zaroori’ was again spread to the local populace of the area.

  • In Addition, the unit helped its Ex-service men, Veer Naris and widows by reaching to their homes with anti covid kits. The low income/ BPL families were also provided with ration kits at their door steps to help them sustain in devastating times which has also impacted their livelihood adversely.

Why venture out without much of a reason? Agreed staying in house is boring but then seeing the environment around nothing much can be done. Say to yourself before others tell you, I hope these simple things are what I forever love about life, for then I will be happy no matter where I find myself. Just avoid the virus and do not let it come near you. Do the simple things, obviously everything would be fine. At the moment it is not being done by all means! Getting bored pertains only to the stupid people in this planet of wonders! For the clever, even the simplest things of life like sunrise or sunset are a great source of entertainment! I don’t know why it so happens in life that one absolutely can’t do something simple but important. Please do not be a student from the school of fools because your safety is in your hands. Why find yourself on a hospital bed and gasping for breath? Many are at the moment! That was what I wanted to tell. Not a monologue to be thrust upon individuals but a mandatory course that is a must and obligatory requirement as of now!

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