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OPINION | Indian Army especially Chinar core is taking Kashmir to next heights

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OPINION: Indian army especially Chinar core taking Kashmir to next heights
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“Army in Kashmir has always worked according to will of Kashmiri’s not against them, there are numerous of examples of this episode and we have seen now how militants are surrendering and also all praise to our army for giving them a second Life”…

By Al Ibrahim
Reported by TEAM RK
11 Nov 2020

An Army is instilled for service of its people. to secure borders of their nation. People of the nation always express pride for their army men and praise them for saving a nation from threats and wars from any opponent, same is with Indians, the patriotism they possess and love they have for their Security forces is unexplainable. In India our soldiers are being given the utmost respect and they deserve that because if we Indians are safe today it’s only because of them, We have been prone to Pakistan sponsored terrorism we have seen how they tried to disrupt peace in many states of India  especially Jammu and Kashmir but the way our forces have dealt with them and given them a befitting reply is highly appreciated and a loud message to whole world that India won’t let you live in peace , if you provoke us , hit us ,or dare to do any kind of evil activity on our mother land.
Contribution of  Indian army especially Chinar corps towards eliminating terrorism from roots in Kashmir can’t be described in an article or book, many soldiers, officer’s, have given up their lives to safeguard this pious territory and it’s people. Indians must need to keep this in mind that Kashmiris love Indian army more than any other Indian in this world and I am saying this because i have closely monitored how Indian army in Kashmir has been a back bone for Kashmiri people in every thick and thin, the way our people are being treat, supported, youths are being given large platforms made me to praise and write for Indian army their unconditional support and love towards Kashmir and Kashmiri’s,  couldn’t stop me to praise them, I didn’t had anything good to gift army but i feel this write up of mine will encourage and boost morale of our security forces. Since I started meeting army officers especially officers of Chinar core,  jawaans of army and other officers who are deputed in Kashmir at different area’s, I have always seen them saying what more can we do to help Kashmiri people in getting a quality education, lifestyle, or how to intact them in activities , what actually people want?
Army in Kashmir has always worked according to will of Kashmiri’s not against them, there are numerous of examples of this episode and we have seen now how militants are surrendering and also all praise to our army for giving them a second Life, youth who had taken wrong path are now understanding that nothing lies in Guns and grenades their future is in pens and books and more in living a life not dying for someone’s benefits. It happened only because when our professional army jawaans, officers jointly made efforts to give life to dead and bring them Home. Chinar corps famously known as 15 core or “Badami Bagh” locally in Kashmir has always been on forefront to help people of Kashmir especially Youth, I have been meeting the officers and jawans in core since last many years and the way they have treated me is something I am unable to write and explain about, officers have always given me suggestions what to do in studies what’s best for me and what not, I have actually got an organization of mentors who keep changing lives every day and I am very much thankful to them for this. There are many officers whom I want to name here and thank them for being with me in my thick and thin but due to security reasons I can’t name them openly wish I could do .
Today I feel Kashmir should be directed by retired Indian army officers, who have been in  Kashmir worked upon with locals interacted with them, they really knows what people want , what the problems are and the fact is no one knows Kashmir better than an Indian army Gen or officer as they have always been on front to help people irrespective of religion and caste and I am saying this because I have been closely monitoring how army is dedicated to make Kashmir better than any other place. Non local officers and jawans of Indian army have an aim to see Kashmir blooming and shinning again without sounds of guns roaring up in the sky. If I have had to select someone for the credit for peace in Kashmir then it goes to Indian army only, no doubt other security forces and administration is doing their job but somewhere administration has failed to win the hearts of people on which Indian army jointly worked upon especially Chinar core they made good strategies and helped lost youth to rejoin the path of mainstream and the man behind this successful operation is none other than Lt Gen BS RAJU who’s currently GOC 15 core and all his team is working with full dedication to see Kashmir shinning again.
There is a change in Kashmir but more has to be done on ground, whatever is under Army’s domain in Kashmir they are doing more than their respective jobs, but there are certain issues which cannot be resolved by army like administrative issues, local police issues and so on for which Govt in Delhi needs to wake up and ponder upon the loopholes. If things will remain same then whatever, our Army has done for our Kashmir will be wasted and no one would like it to happen. If we talk about Jammu and Ladakh Indian army has never left these two places behind, ever person and every place is being treated equally by our army and we see how youth fests are being organized by army in J&K to give exposure to youth, promoting culture talent, sports etc and this indeed made an impact on the people of Kashmir, the public army meets which are happening in every nook and corner of J&K is taking J&K to new heights people like to meet and discuss their issues with army people due to their ostentatious behavior and discipline. Youth of Kashmir have now got a clear image of army what their plan is for Kashmir and that is resulting in a major change. Today if Indian army organizes any event there are 1000s of participants eager to join them, because our army has left marks of honesty and humanity on our youth. “In life, sincerity is always the best strategy to win people’s heart” and our army has really followed it and they have been very much successful in this. 
I am very much thankful to Indian army and officers who are deputed in Kashmir, I would like to thank you all especially jawaans and officers  whom I know personally and all of you have helped me in whatever way you could do, you have encouraged me for my activities and works in Kashmir, I wanted to name all of you here but unfortunately I can’t I hope you will be reading this and this was the only tool for me to express my feelings for you, I couldn’t find any other better gift than writing an article for all of you may Almighty bless all of you for safeguarding our nation from all evils jai hind, Jai Bharat.

Al Ibrahaim is pen name of a popular Kashmiri Muslim writer based in Srinagar.

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