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OPINION | Pak Army continues to systematically target Innocents

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OPINION | Pak Army continues to systematically target Innocents
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By Salman Raina

31 Dec 2020


Pak Army’s frustration over its failed infiltration attempts across the  Line of Control over the years has been an established fact. However, of late Pak Army seems to be have shifted its focus from targeting Indian Army posts to targeting civilians in forward villages, so as to compensate for its dwindling abilities. On the evening of 30 Dec, as the forward Villages of Tad, Sudpura & Dhanni in Tangdhar Sector were in the process of offering Azan at their mosques, Pakistan Army undertook targeted firing on civil habitation & Dhani Mosque in a bid to inflict civil casualties, at the time of evening Namaz.

Indian Army forward posts immediately swung into action, and brought down calibrated and accurate fire to engage Pakistani posts involved in this inhuman operation which was against the tenets of International Humanitarian Laws. Immediate silencing of Pak weapon platforms involved, & Pakistan’s failure to inflict civilian casualty is a testimony to Indian Army’s swift response and robustness of underground bunkers constructed in the forward villages. However despite best efforts, Pak firing caused damage to five houses in Sudpura Village and Dhanni Mosque which enjoys a status of special reverence amongst locals in view of its heritage value. Due cognizance on Human Rights front has been taken to Pak Army’s targeting of religious place of worship in Kashmiri. Indian Army continues to stand with the Awam of Kashmir in its fight against Pak Army perpetrated terrorism through the barrel of their gun.

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