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Opinion | Terror has a ‘ peaceful’ face

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Opinion| Terror has a ' peaceful' face
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9 Mar 2021

Among those actively propagating ‘terror’ by peaceful means, who view Kashmir from a prism outside Kashmir, then present it as reality on ground, in other words engaging in Remote journalism instead of Realtime, is a cousin of a Biden appointee, a blogger who is a German citizen and a doctor who lives in Saudi Arabia….”

By Yana Mir

The Indian part of Kashmir – which shares volatile borders with Pakistan and China – has been an information black hole since the rise of insurgency in 1989, when a group of power hungry political aspirants stripped the region of its peace and secular cohabitation and converted it into a land of connivance, brazen assisanations and wholesome Propaganda against the Indian National Integrity.

To enforce this radicalization, an armed insurgency was imposed, which saw Kashmiri Muslim families being socially, emotionally and physically blackmailed into giving up their sons to fight the noble cause of “Azadi” ironically in an already democratic and ” Azad” country – which also happens to be the most diverse and only multi-cultural democracy in the world.

Radicals laregely coming from accross the western border, were a collective of those who repented crossing over to Pakistan side during partition, a bunch of local hooligans, drug peddlers , rogue elements who were taught a lesson by Indian forces and puppets of the failed politician Syed Salauddin, infiltrated the sensitive borders into India, with arms , ammunition, duplicate Indian army uniforms and their ” agenda” to ” Free Kashmir” using brutal and indiscriminate violence. As a result, Kashmiris, especially Kashmiri pandits had already been confined to their homes, fearful and isolated, for months after the horrific ‘ Raliv galiv ya lassiv’ slogans from mosques, brutal mass assassinations including Chattishingpora genocide and mass rapes of Kunan Poshpora aimed at defaming the Indian Army.

In my research, I study how some personalities are actively working to propel this Propaganda even today, in the era of Human Right activism and social media ,an era where brazen and open terrorism won’t get any acceptance and will be openly and Globally condemned. How connivingly they keep the conflict alive through systematic Propaganda by influencing youth to continue “resistance peacefully’ and how their efforts impact the social, political and cultural fabric of human life in Kashmir. Living in Kashmir valley unlike those propagandists who reside everywhere else except in the Kashmir Valley, I acknowledge that Kashmir is one of more than 40 territorial conflict zones in the world and also that many are running their homes because of this conflict and hence strive to keep it up and running at any cost.

Asif Dar:

A hyper active instigator residing in Saudi Arabia, Asif Dar spreads fear among people by saying “Those who are on side of Indian government, their children will face the same death as the “terrorists“. Going by the name of @Rising_REBELION on twitter, he spreads disgrace for true journalism and shuns those who speak for the truth for which proofs are available.


In his posts @Rising_REBELION says women who took part in elections are to be ashamed on themselves, and then contradicts himself by commenting that ladies are suppressed in the Kashmir. He also calls them “Gaddar”(traitors). People like him are against growth of our own people.


Through his posts he wants to create tension between Hindu and Muslim brothers. Such people should never be trusted for whatever they say.


In a video he posted on 4 Jan 2021 Dar says that people who are part of DDC elections will face Allah’s wrath and provokes people against their own country while himself sitting abroad.

As per a report by Kashmir police sources released in Jan 2021, one-time Pampore resident Asif Maqbool Dar, who earlier worked as a doctor in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, had moved in recent weeks to Ras al-Khaimah in the UAE, and he runs multiple social media platforms popular among secessionist audiences.our months after police in Kashmir initiated a request for the extradition of an alleged United Arab Emirates-based jihad propagandist who has issued multiple online calls for violence against both officials and civilians, paperwork necessary to secure his return to face trial in India has not been processed at the Union Territory’s Police Headquarters.

Kashmir’s inspector general of police Vijay Kumar’s  extradition request noted that a non-bailable warrant had been issued against Dar, who is sought for prosecution under Section 13 of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, providing for the punishment for any individual who “advocates, abets, advises or incites the commission of any unlawful activity”. Subsequently a fresh first information report was filed by police against Dar at the Kothibagh police station in Srinagar, under Section 13 of UAPA, as well as for incitement to communal hatred.

In a succession of rambling videos, Dar has called on Kashmiris to rise up against what he describes as India’s “militarist occupation”, support jihadists, and to ostracize the families of officials and others he calls ‘murtad’, or apostates. “I am admittedly a racist,” he states in one video. “I am racist against every Indian.” Kashmiris who are losing innocent lives everyday due to terror attacks like the recent one at Baghat, Srinagar, where two Policemen were shot in broad daylight or Hindu youth Akash Mehra who was shot outside his restaurant in Sonwar, Srinagar, by armed and ‘influenced’ assailants, AWAIT JUSTICE.

Ruwa Shah:

Ailing Islamist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s Istanbul-based granddaughter Ruwa Shah, swells with pride everytime she mentions “my Abba is one of the most prominent figures in the “Kashmir resistance movement.” There is certainly no denying this, Nobody can match Syed Ali Shah Geelani in turning the entire Kashmir into a graveyard. He made fathers in Kashmir shoulder the coffins of their beloved sons. Had it not been for her Abba’s unrelenting efforts, those poor fathers too could have seen their sons living their lives, excelling in education and following their dreams.

While Ruwa’s Aba used the ordinary youth of Kashmir as cannon fodder for his so-called resistance movement, the children of Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s own household had the luxury of studying in Turkey or other peaceful and prosperous places.

While her Aba is ailing for many years now and is not dying even after reaching the threshold of his health, it seemingly feels like even Allah disowns a soul that has presided over the death and destruction of thousands of budding youth of Kashmir and thousands of ordinary families in Kashmir by feeding them toxic rhetoric. Ruwa Shah however continues this rhetoric comfortably from her mansion in Istanbul, crying for sympathy for those detained by Indian Governemnt on charges of violence, stone pelting or spreading communal hatred. While Dar uses Twitter and YouTube as his platforms for venom spewing, Ruwa uses South Africa based podcast channel Salaamedia where she features on her weekly show on Tuesdays 8-9 pm, attributes herself as a Kashmiri journalist when she actually lives outside Kashmir.

Geelani's granddaughter to hold anti-India show on Jan 7 - Social News XYZ

Rayees Mir:

Rayees Mir, originally from Sopore, but residing in Islamabad Pakistan for the last 4-5 years, another “Kashmiri journalist’ engaging in “remote journalism’ from outside the Kashmir Valley. He has been vociferously blogging on KashmirFight blog which interestingly belongs to terror organization Lashkar e Toyba and its branch TRF. He collaborated with another resident from HMT Srinagar, namely Sajjad Gul who also fled to Islamabad after the two were accused of issuing the online calls that led to the assassination of peace advocating journalist Shujaat Bukhari in Srinagar.

Interestingly, in October 2020 an FIR was lodged Against ‘Kashmir Fight’ Blog For Posting ‘Hit List’ Of Media Persons.In a statement, Police said that it had came to know reliably that some propagandist material is being uploaded and circulated through a website URL https//Kashmirfight. WordPress.com.

Not only this, they said, list of political/media persons and public figures and also posts of Lashkar-I-Islam are uploaded with the intention to create fear psychosis among individuals.

The police statement further stated that, the website/URL is run as a propaganda tool against lawful actions and policies of Government with aim to disrupt peace and thus provoking common people for illegal activities. The FIR No. 82/2020 U/S 13 of UA(P) Act r/w 506 IPC has been registered in Police Station Kothibagh.

They say habits start from early age, and interestingly Rayees Mir was only 16 , when he was arrested on September 16 2016 in Baramulla district for violently throwing stones at security officers. He even served a prison sentence in Kot Bhalwal Central Jail, before being transferred to a juvenile home after his family produced documents that he was a minor.

Mubeen Ahmed Shah:

 Former president of the Jammu and Kashmir Chamber of Commerce, Mubeen Ahmed Shah has been living outside India since 1991, first in Singapore then Malaysia. Shah was detained while on a trip to India after abrogation of Article 370, He was Accused of sedition and provocation with intent to cause riot.

J&K Police seeks to take NRI businessman Mubeen Shah into custody, after  revoking his PSA detention | Greater Kashmir

He uses Facebook as his tool to spread malice and hatred in Kashmir against other Indians by referring to them as ‘Settlers’ and their rightfully earned domicile status as ‘colonization’ and ‘enforced demographic change’.

Uživatel Let Kashmir Decide na Twitteru: „Kashmir's top businessman Dr Mubeen  Shah has been booked for sedition by J&K police for FB post asking Kashmiris  to counter settler colonialism. Kashmir, they are

Jammu and Kashmir police chief Dilbag Singh had said his force was trying to secure an Interpol Red Corner Notice against Shah. Investigations had begun to get his property details which would have been absolute proof of him receiving funds from separatists groups. However he was pre maturely released from detention before investigations could carry forward officially.

Shah’s detention came up for discussion during the US Congress hearing on South Asia human rights, held in November 2019. In Kashmir, US pressure on India was widely believed as a reason behind Shah’s release. Shah’s cousin Sameera Fazili was selected by the new US President Joe Biden as the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, a policy organization connected to the White House.

Riffat Wani:

A tireless social media campaigner , residing in Germany and claiming to have full knowledge of ground realities in Kashmir, Riffat Wani has a unique way to reach out to thousands of followers on Facebook.

She makes watermarked videos picking up bits and pieces from different news stories and edits them meticulously to prove that all mishaps in Kashmir are a work of the Indian Governance. She skillfully uses her words to sound like a promoter of peace but only exercising her right of free speech to highlight the futility of Indian Governance to the point that it invokes repulse from Kashmiri civilians.

A novel way to spread hatred is by dexterously weaving words to sound like a social and human rights activist while spreading hostility against authorities. Its one thing exercising democratic rights for the good of the people and another to misuse democracy by sounding like ‘your government is purposefully plotting to harass you or kill you’.

Rifat Wani - Photos | Facebook
Khan (@Khan79574578) | Twitter

Riffat Wani says ‘ pick pens not guns’ , knowing very well that ill feelings of resistance will spark violence in some impressionable minds.

When incidents of civilian killings are on the rise and these Kashmir campaigners , doing ‘REMOTE’ journalism on Kashmir, are confronted by media to give their opinion, they are quick to retort ” we condemn all killings, for that matter even the Indian state is a terror organization”. Comparing security operations done to preserve sovereignty and maintain law and order in the Kashmir valley are very cunningly compared to armed civilians killing their own people in the name of a ‘resistance’ that is kept alive by these star campaigners of Peace!

Iffat Gazia:

A newbie in the web, Ifat who lives in the United States, runs a dedicated Kashmir podcast. Calling Kashmir an occupied territory, and using the Covid19 card to magnify the condition of her imagined “lockdown” in the valley , Ifat is making a good package with her articles drawing interest from Pakistani media houses as well other anti India agencies.  She is a Doctoral Student in Communications and Film at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Must say she has learnt good lessons in dramatics and fiction writing.. She strongly supports the organization established by Pakistanis living abroad called “Stand with Kashmir”. As per a report by Martha Lee in The Print, the hash tag Stand with Kashmir is not an innocent one.

“With noted academics and ‘experts’, Stand With Kashmir has become the voice of India resistance in the US. Across the US, the SWK can be found forming university chapters, organising protests, sending representatives as guest-speakers to events, and working with various Islamist organisations, such as the US proxy for Jamaat-e-Islami, the Islamic Circle of North America. The SWK has rapidly become one of the most influential voices in America on the subject of Kashmir. But behind the humanitarian appeals for Kashmir and Kashmiris, lies a dangerous agenda” she quotes in her article.

It seems almost certain that these Kashmir specialists are intentionally advocating for terrorists under the pretense of peaceful progressivism. As they become more influential on media, and continue to disseminate misleading claims regarding Kashmiri “resistance”, it is imperative that the media uncovers who is really behind their ‘establishment’, and that policymakers as well as Kashmiris active on social media are made aware of their true agenda.

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