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OPINION | The curious case of the Fickle Ms. Mehbooba Mufti

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OPINION | The curious case of the Fickle Ms. Mehbooba Mufti
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25 Feb 2021

After odd day even day statements from Mehbooba Mufti, its interesting to know what exactly her votebank expects from her? A lady who cannot stick to her own words or commitments whether as a politician or home maker, brings one to wonder what exactly does she want , and whatever that is, is it for the benefit of the People of Jammu and Kashmir or for her own benefit OR for the benefit of enemy nation Pakistan?

Statements like “I don’t understand Hindi , tell me in Urdu”- reflect an arrogance to her national language, especially considering the fact that she has worked in a bank and in an Airline in the largely Hindi speaking capital city of Delhi. So who is she trying to fool? And why?

Statements like “Nobody will hold Indian National Flag in Kashmir” displayed utter disrespect for sentiments of Nationalist Kashmiris and has sparked anger and protests against her.

Statements like ” I won’t speak to a news agency that’s involved in fake TRP ” , when the TRP case was still in legal process and culprit between two news channels was not yet established, this displays her regular attempts to highlight ‘ half baked’ truths to the public.

Statements like ” Balakot airstrike never happened, give proof” or ” unilateral decision’ to revoke Article 370 has resulted in ‘serious geo-strategic implications at LAC” shows her beligerence towards the same army that has massively condributed to the people of Jammu and Kashmir whether by way of flood rescue operations, blood donation drives, charity, women’s empowerment or children’s education.

The re-elected President of People’s Democratic Party ,MehboobaMufti , remarked that dialogue with Pakistan is the only solution to Gun Violence in Kashmir.

A remark as fickle as most of her quotes in her journey as a politician. That Pakistan is the enforcer of this Gun Violence seems to bear little significance to the former CM of Jammu and Kashmir and also the first woman CM of J&K.

Whether she makes these statements out of ignorance or enjoys dishing out half baked truths to her innocent vote bank- is a question best not answered.

Either she has forgotten or intends to conceal from public that in fact there have been talks between PM Narendra Modi and his counterpart Nawaz Sharif.

As a leader, seeking solution for trouble from the troublemaker, is not only humiliating but also showcases the abject leadership quality of Ms Mufti. It is leaders like her and their erratic opinions that keep pushing Kashmir towards darkness.

Perhaps the Power Hungry politician, Mehbooba Mufti wishes to destabilize the governance in Kashmir in a bid to get her glory days back, when the reins of the state were in her hands.

Mehbooba Mufti was quoted as saying that she will lead “Farmer-like” Protest against NewDelhi to restore the status of Jammu Kashmir. It is now a fact, how the notorious Protest culminated in RedFort on 26th Jan 2021.

So, by inference, Mehbooba Mufti wants to hold talks with Terror Sponsor Pakistan, and hold Violent protest against own Country’s Government, one which is trying tooth and nail to bring Normalcy and Peace in Kashmir.

So how do we best define her? A political leader or a National Traitor? I leave you to decide…..

By Yana Mir

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