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OPINION | The Impact of Insurgency on Education Sector in Kashmir

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OPINION: The Impact of Insurgency on Education Sector in Kashmir
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2 Nov 2020

It is true that he who opens the school door closes a prison. But in certain
situations when school door has no way left to open then one faces no other
chance than being in a prison. This study focuses on the impact of insurgency upon education sector in Kashmir. The insurgency and political hegemonic forces had drastically driven the education and interest of students time to time.

As a result, the state is facing problems in making its generation educated and good-beings in the society it seems that the ongoing turmoil has violated the universal objective of education which depends particularly upon the peaceful environment as well as working facilities that are essential to be provided for getting knowledge out of education. The effects of stressful situations upon the mind of students have hindered their smooth education.

The impact of recent years of insurgency has splited the school and student relations and has created rage among educated youth. So, it draws urgency to analyze the scenario. The steps taken for smooth education during unrest seem faulty when expected outcomes are seen from student’s perspective .
Education is an important weapon for the human race to establish a balanced life and to maintain their presence on this planet. It is being a path that stimulates all to touch the roots of success in life as well as boosts resilience to get through and deal with hardships and challenges in life.

Although education supplies have developed as compared to previous situations in the country by taking many measures for the upliftment of education by the government as on the strong belief that well being of the people depends upon the well being of the individuals living in the community. Education boosts economic cum social prosperity and morality throughout the nation by solving problems and identifying solutions for these problems. Well, it is rightly said that good education recognizes one’s carrier motives, goals and teaches to live as a civilized being in a civilized manner. To develop such civilized beings in a
community or nation not only proper platform, infrastructure, and change in education structure is needed but maintenance of social atmosphere and
understanding social consciousness among masses, as well as the effect of
surrounding social world upon knowledge seekers is an important basic task to be done.

Sadly, sometimes a country or state remains far to perform such tasks so that to maintain and develop the mental state of its citizens in several areas where need for development of mind through education is a major remedy to balance the life and which could also solve the current issues as well as help in decreasing the trauma of future issues. Understanding the education sector in Kashmir valley by examining its history and development, if compared with the present scenario education seems disturbed due to ongoing conflict. The effect of disturbed situations and insurgency in the state has a diverse attack upon the citizen building institutions like education sector. Insurgency from past years has now brought the education sector at stake and risk. As we say a collection of little water droplets make a large body of water with time, in the same way, ministrokes on a particular material or phenomenon develops a capacity to break it one day or it can change its form. Same is the case with education
authority and its system in Kashmir which seems broken due to the jerks of
insurgency from time to time. Now the condition has got worsened in such a way that instead of developing the valuable products from the institutions, it lacks the capacity to develop innovative thinking among the students which results in the development of anti-social thoughts and zeal for students towards other issues rather than education. On the other side due to the drastic situations in the valley, the education system makes changes every day as situations are being dominant over the sector and its system works as per the demand of situation in the valley which is surely not worth to give positive results instead it will distract the system more and more. Present study analyzes the scenario of education sector in Kashmir during unrest.

The present condition of the education sector in Kashmir and its structure is badly affected by conflict. The efforts of bringing normalcy in the education sector however are depended upon the effects of insurgency while government’s focus is limited towards mobilizing the insurgency through political strategies and cut-throat techniques rather concentrating upon the effects of insurgency towards the young educated minds of Kashmir and education sector. Surely
government lacked those capacities and strategies that could split the effects of insurgency mingling with the education sector. With time the one way development resulted in other way destruction and its conclusion can be drawn from 26th may 2008 which was mass unrest and the reason behind such unrest was that government of India and the Government of Jammu and Kashmir
developed an agreement of transferring 99 acres of land towards Amarnath
Shrine Board in Kashmir report by Associate Press (New York Times 26th June(P.A8.). this agreement of state and central government created chaos and confusion all over the valley, demonstrations and protests were held all over the Kashmir valley. These demonstrations were measured highest in Kashmir history as about 500,000 people were seen in a single rally which resulted into a tense situation and most of the civil buildings like schools and government offices remained closed. The shutdown of intuitions, as well as public work, lasted for months. Students remained far from education as there was not a single way to attend the school. At the same time, internet services were also banned in the valley for 3 months. Internet service which is known as the backbone of information and communication technology, as well as the backbone of today’s modern education, was totally banned all over the Valley the students and teachers developed inner frustration as even going few steps out of their homes was not safe at all. That means students were not only far from their educational work and co-curricular activities or environment but they remained cut off from the world information and disconnected with their peers due to internet ban and the only work which was left for these students was to visit from one room to another room of the house which seems like one is being in a house arrest for 60 days. As the government disagreed to sign the agreement of land donated to Amarnath Shrine by examining the situations in the Valley, a little relaxation was seen in the Valley which was leading towards normalcy. Schools were used as a tool to bring normalcy in the region. It was very difficult for a student to attend the school even to reach the school because the existing situation in the valley had depressed the students in such a way that before attending school one thinks about the risk of life. students and teachers are soul of that body and without soul the body is useless. Inaugurating ICT section and then the very days of unrest it remains dead by blocking its pillar which is internet. By this the students assume themselves in a lost nomadic atmosphere with no connection with the rest of the world and especially IT students who felt the blocking of such services as a big wall between them and their studies. All these acts clearly reveal that the system is driven by hegemonic forces and not working the way it should be. Education of the valley is dependent upon the situation and not upon working policies and future of the young generation has no path to walk on. After the unrest of 2016 in Kashmir about 545 examination centers for class 10th and 450 centers for class 12th were opened guarded by CRPF army and students arrived to examination halls along with their parents waiting outside as of fear that anything can happen.
Moreover it has become a trend now and Kashmir can be renamed as Land Of Hartals and shutdowns, situations decide the structure of education and sadly the sense of quality education is missing also involvement of educated youth in protests and gun culture is rising .
.Although the insurgency is still going on in the valley and developing the
quality of education is like climbing the slippery mountain without any support as per the condition and demand. In fact, Principle contributors to the reducing of the fulfillment of amount of education are the incorporate demolition of the foundation, the dread of sending youngsters to schools, consolidation of youth into outfitted gatherings, negative monetary stuns to family units and constrained dislodging. Specialists say until the point that the Kashmir debate isn’t settled, dissents, including by understudies, will proceed in some shape.
But logically this isn’t ideal and impeccable since education must not get
disturbed a bit at all as it would make unsalvageable mischief to our
community. Well Nobody knows what is going to be next as the fear of sending children’s to schools, incorporation of students into armed forces, negative effect of insurgency upon students mind, developing interest of education among youth and providing them mental security and satisfaction to study in peaceful environment are the major problems need to be taken under concentration and not to be taken as for granted. Modifying these problems will gradually lead the path towards improvement in the quality education of the valley and for the betterment of its young generation. If taken for granted then the future situations can be predicted as more harsh cum drastic with full of chaos, confused situations, and uncivilized generation will be expected. Alas, then there will be no alternative left for the development or changes. On the other side, voluntary mission mode by teachers engaging youth and
mainstreaming them from joining the world of ignorance and role of NGO’s like, borderless world foundation jammu and Kashmir-Ladakh, Pratham, Help Foundation, JKY Trust, Asar, JKSW, Kashmir Humanity Foundation, Save The Child, as well as developing community training centers must be encouraged and take into consideration. This will minimize the un-logistic mass promotions,
postponement of exams and irregularity of classes. Moreover in order to recoup the shambling state of education rebuilding of trust by creating a tranquil atmosphere and peace is imperative. Also let the children be sensitized with great luminaries of the world who by the medium of education have reached the summits of victory and steered the society like beacon lights. The political stakeholders must design a strategy to create a Multi-angled move so that Kashmir can be par-excellence in education and knowledge with the rest of

 The writer Adnan Magray is a practicing lawyer in Delhi high court.

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