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OPINION | Venom Of Hatred

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19 Dec 2020

“The beautiful valley of Kashmir is a live example of how hatred & venom is being injected in the thoughts of innocent people of this paradise.

By Anwar Nizami

The beautiful valley of Kashmir is a live example of how hatred & venom is being injected in the thoughts of innocent people of this paradise. The propaganda machinery in various forms articulated their evil plans by exploiting the fragile politico-socio-eco fabric of this valley.

It appears that doomed state of Pakistan has established itself as a rogue nation with enormous potential to propagate “Venom of Hatred”.

The rogue nation has destroyed its backyards by swinging its allegiance with world powers in order to get timely economic bailout packages. A nation whose founder was a Shia by birth and followed liberal ideology, has turned into a nation of conservatives and hypocrites. This breed initially targeted the “Bangla” speaking Muslims & replicated the horrors of holocaust in modern day Bangladesh. The desire to carryout experiments in neighborhood continued & gave birth of Taliban, Let, AL-Qaeda & so on, in the backyard of Afghanistan. This strange form of foreign policy destroyed the part, present and future of Afghanistan beyond anyone’s imagination. The horror of atrocities in Baluchistan is beyond words.

The active contribution by the state machinery to exploit the wealth of this province is modern day imperialism with no respect for humanity. Now, such failed nation who is confused about its own origin & existence, is developing a breed of proxy nationals.

These proxy nationals thrive on the resources of a nation but acts on behalf of a rogue nation. When the spiritual leader Dalai Lama was not convinced by the Chinese aggression in Tibet, he left his Kingdom and settled in exile. However, till date not even a single proxy national has permanently departed to the other side, seeking a brighter future for himself. They are the members of same flock, who carried out ethnic cleansing in Kashmir and led to migration of entire community in a short span of time. This only establishes the fact that the originators of “Venom of Hatred” are evergreen threat to our values & principles of tolerance.

Understanding the psyche of the rouge nation & its proxies we must act together to eradicated these undesirable elements of society by exposing them. They must be brought to justice for their active involvement in propagating the “venom of hatred”. These elements have killed generations & undermined the social fabric of this land. We must take valued teaching from history and take all actions to thwart the nefarious design of our enemy. The soft approach to appease these proxy national would only bring anarchy in the system.

The religious faith across the world acts as a binding force and propagates the wellbeing of humanity. No religion in this world, has ever propagated the thoughts of “Ethnic cleansing” or “Conquering the land”. On the contrary, it purifies the soul and teaches us to be calm, humble & peaceful. But despite the valued teachings in holy inscriptions, the religion is distorted to inject venom of hatred in the souls of human kind. This devil act has been adopted by numerous individuals over the years to overcome their own failures.

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