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Opinion | Yet another corruption screamer from the House of Rural Development Department in District Poonch!

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Yet another corruption screamer from the House of Rural Development Department in District Poonch!

This once again be tagged with the Secretary Panchayat and the GRS who deal with MGNREGA scheme since they are the ones who have made this a money spinner!

By: M S Nazki

About five days back I had written about the organized loot in the Rural Development Department which deals with the Panchayats. I had clearly mentioned that it wasn’t the first story I would be doing and neither would it be the last. So here it is for your eyes only the latest one.

  • Honestly speaking the people who go in for obtaining a job under the scheme are not fully aware of the scheme. They only know that they can just earn a modest sum of money which is nothing but peanuts.
  • The sad thing is that they have to pay bribes for getting a job worth Rupees One Lakhs.
  • Even then they do not know as to whether they would get the given job or not as it happened in this case. What happened I would come to the same later.
  • Invariably it is the deadly combination of the Sarpanch/ Secretary/GES who plan and execute the sly and vile plot.
  • It is rather a horrendous practice in Mendhar that even if a job is not done one can be rest assured that the payments would have been made. In this case as per the documents available, they were.
  • The poorer lot in Mendhar have always lost it out because they are always taken for a giant wheel ride. One termination of a GRS for example, this one from Gursa is bound to set an example for others and in any case they are not permanent employees.
  • The problem is, as the time unfolded they have come to know the tricks of the trade. They know they are not going to be checked and the seniors are their trusted alibis for example the Secretary here in Gursai.
  • The people want themselves to be heard because they have been hauled up for long. It was on a complaint that BDO Mendhar acted and trust me his letter did not mince any words. The story of corruption in Mendhar can be summed up in a paragraph. Here in this part of the country exists a system that is corrupt and it is strictly profit-driven, not driven to serve the best interests of its people. It is the poor who are being fleeced and the Rural Development Department definitely is not keeping a check on it. The demise of our social ethics under the debris of corruption dirt has revealed over the time the schemes like MGNREGA though brilliant on paper are just but a fairy tale. The scheme has far too many clichés and the people here in Mendhar cannot understand. What they know is that they have to pay a bribe to get a job sanctioned. The whole scheme has more numerous laws which the people cannot understand and thus the more corrupt becomes the whole gamut. These poor depend upon the GRS but that also means, when they accept an intruder for too long, you invite him back later as a guest and he can be cunning and lay a trap. Many in Mendhar have fallen in that!

BDO Mendhar dictate:

  • The BDO Mendhar on receiving a complaint that some bungling had taken place in` Panchayat Halqa Gursai he immediately was on the situation and to his horrors found out that nothing practical had been done and as per the complaint made and the money for the work had been drawn out.
  • He immediately came back to his office and signed on a letter drafted to be given to Sarpanch/Secretary/GRS, Panchayat Gursai, Moori Moh. Chalatan, Ward No.3.
  • The letter was nomenclatured as No. BM/20-21/MGN/74-76. Dated 29/4/2021.
  • This was a case of misappropriation of funds that had taken place.
  • The work was supposed to be done on the graveyard in the Ward which was never done.
  • The work was allotted to someone who never had an ideas to what had happened but the payments had been withdrawn and made promptly to someone else.`
  • The work had been allotted to Safeez Hussein Shah on eligible Government unemployment job card since he is a holder of that.
  • The GRS duly accepted a bribe of Rs. 2000/ from Safeez and when the latter threatened the GRS that he would be complaining to the visiting officer during the B2V2 event the GRS gave the money back. Safeez never got the job. That had to be the fall out.
  • But now it has been unearthed that Rs. 58223 has been drawn on the labor component classification and Rs. 32000 under skilled part and paid but to whom? Obviously Safeez did not get but some smart Jack did?
  • This is indeed a gross violation of MGNREGA employment scheme where Government money amounting to Rs. 90, 223 has been hooked off.
  • The BDO Mendhar has categorically stated that the Secretary and the GRS would have to come out with show cause replies otherwise the Secretary has to face suspension and the GRS a termination!
  • Recovery of the amount will be made and the entire thing will be recommended to the higher authorities!

Investing Rupees One Lakhs and then making some money out of it is what a poor man wants for. But in Mendhar the wolves are far too many in various Panchayats. They should understand that they are simply servants of the poor and not their masters. They do get their emoluments from the Government but the eagerness to hunt for more is inborn. A heavy cork duct is needed to stop the ongoing nuisance!

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