Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

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Photo of the Day: Dal Lake in Winter

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Pic from January 2020 (Winter in Kashmir)

For Years I Thought I was a boat,
With holes trying to stay afloat..
But today apeaking with grey hair
And prominent wrinkles of care,

I realize I was the Ocean all along
Hearing what they said every time
“You are the leaky boat,
You are the faulty boat.”

Stormy Fierce Consuming Light and Dark,
The heat and the freeze all in one body,
Holding up the power of lightening spark
Pressing down the tide of suppressed anomaly.

Its just tiring they said
Its my wiring I said
Brimming with past flowing into the future
My present echoes of space crawling.

Into the blood of time…….

Poetry by Khushboo Mattoo (@matt_laemon on Twitter)

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