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PM Modi extends lockdown till May 3

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 Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday extended nationwide lockdown till May 3 to keep the deadly virus away. Some relaxations may be allowed after April 20 in places where there is no hotspot.

By Yana Mir

New Delhi, 14 Apr 2020

In his third address to the nation in less than a month, PM Modi appealed countrymen to adhere upon the extended period of lockdown which is aimed for the wellbeing of ‘country’ and ‘countrymen’.
Modi outlined the decision on lockdown given the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the country. Pertinntly ahead of Modi’s speech, several states including Telangana, Maharashtra, Odisha and West Bengal have already extended the lockdown till April 30 to break the chain of Covid-19 infections in the country.
According to updated figures by official of Union Health Ministry, the number of Covid-19 infected people across the country has climbed to 10,363 and the death to toll has reached 339.

Pm Modi Said:

” 1) Some relaxations may be allowed after April 20 in places where there is no hotspot.
2) Govt to come out with extensive guidelines on Wednesday.
3) There is adequate stock of medicines and ration
4) The poor of this country is my family. My priority is to ensure that the pain of the poor goes.Tomorrow the government will issue detailed guidelines.
5)  Lockdown and social distancing must be adhered to. Mask or face cover must be used. Look after the elderly in your family, take extra care.
6) Respect the doctors and frontline health workers & to boost your immunity, follow guidelines of Ayush Ministry.PM Modi also listed 7 tasks to fight #COVID19
7)  Don’t sack people from jobs.
8) CoronaVirus testing is being done in over 220 labs. According to world’s experience of tackling Covid, 1500-1600 beds are needed when cases reach 10,000. We have over 1 lakh beds in India.
9) We have arranged 1 lakh beds in India. 600 hospitals have been made  covid19 only hospitals.
10) Till 20th April, all districts, localities, states will be closely monitored, as to how strictly they are implementing norms. States which will not let hotspots increase, they could be allowed to let some important activities resume, but with certain conditions. “

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