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Preparations for teaching in remote areas by radio, lectures will be broadcast for students of 10th-12th

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Jammu, 22 Apr 2020

 In order to prevent corona virus infection, students from far-flung areas who do not have smartphones or net facilities in the midst of lockdown, have been preparing to conduct education with the help of AIR Jammu.

Director of School Education Department, Jammu, Anuradha Gupta said that two hours’ time has been sought for broadcasting from AIR Jammu. The telecast will start as soon as the approval is granted. Anuradha Gupta said that in order to prevent children’s learning in the lockdown, lectures will be broadcast to the students of class 10th and 12th through the radio. A number will also be issued, on which students will have the facility to ask questions. Currently lectures for class 10th and 12th are broadcast from Kashir channel.

20 years before radio used to be broadcast: Under the education broadcast program, about 20 years ago the program was broadcast for students from Radio Kashmir Jammu. Lectures of teachers of the Department of Education were broadcast in that program. On Sunday, a program was broadcast for the teachers, in which the guide was given what things should be kept in mind while studying. Retired Director of All India Radio Dr. Jitendra Udhampuri said that this was the program of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It was telecast under the supervision of Dr. Jitendra Udhampuri, Dr. KC Dubey, Chuni Lal Sharma, RS Hariyanvi. The presentation was of All India Radio. Later the broadcast stopped for any reason.

Earlier used to be heard in schools, broadcast on radio:  Retired teacher Prakash Singh said that the radio broadcast program was used in school classrooms. Radios were provided in every government school. The children loved this broadcast. These programs were also beneficial for the general audience.

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