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Pride of Kashmir: A Motivational & Inspirational book “Evolution In Awakening” by Young Author from Trehgam

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A 22 year old boy Zahoor Mir from Trehgam, Kupwara released his debut book for Youth.

The book “Evolution In Awakening” is based on motivation and Inspiration that aims to change the socio-moral, socio-economic and social development of the global society. The author specifically address youth, urging them towards personal, intellectual and social Development so that they can take their place in global space.

His introspection of education system, skill based education, job creation, empowerment of youth, development of thoughts, personality and leadership are insightful. A full pack of career councelling one can find in the heart of compilation, the projects on skill development in our society, and proper utilization of money and manpower equally rises the Zahoor from normal youth.

176 paged book puts a great innovative idea before the world, especially Kashmiris to ponder on the issues till date been on shelves, its never easy to draw a plan and give that a real shape. Zahoor adds the magnificience to his area Trehgam with his efforts, hardwork, dedication and commitment.

Zahoor Mir is basically a Physiotherapy student of Bethel Medical Mission Banglore. Since his early childhood Zahoor had a keen interest in societal studies that now compelled him to come up with this research work with the title of ‘Evolution in Awekening’.

Zahoor’s primary concern is the drain of wealth and man power, which he argues is due to lack of attention to private sector. “Kashmir’s private sector had been private schools only, with name of private sector, we have nothing else here in Kashmir”, Zahoor added.

The book comprises of 12 different chapters largely engouraging stuff could be found, with various examples, and case studies in special add to the beauty and authenticity of the ideas.

            The book is encouraged and recommended by many personalities like Dr. Adegbanga Adebanjo (USA), and Mr. Zakir Malik. Evolution in awakening is the result of hard work by author during lockdown period. The book is internationally available on amazon and lalchock.in.

Book is available All book shops of Trehgam & Kupwara

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