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Pride of Kashmir: Amid current situation of the valley, two young boys Khubaib Mir and Irfan Attari came forward to fight collectively against growing Drug Abuse in Kashmir Valley.

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Srinagar, 12 Oct : Kashmir Youth Web and Voice of Youth organised back to back Drug Awareness Programs in Kashmir Valley at different stops with the motive to aware youth about it’s disadvantages under the supervision of Voice of Youth and Kashmir Youth Web chairpersons Khubaib Mir and Irfan Attari respectively.

The aim of the both organisations was to aware people of valley how drugs are destroying youth of our valley and what are it’s disadvantages. Both teams distributed more than 10,000 books of Drug Awareness to the people. In view of all the present situation our basic aim is to help those who have become a Part of this Drug Addict Society by providing them proper counselling and making them aware about the Hazardous effects of Drugs. We encourage everyone to volunteer their skill, time, resources and connections with them to spread the truth to children and youth, said Irfan Attari Chairman Kashmir Youth Web.

While as Chairman Voice of Youth Khubaib Mir said, the drug abuse is increasing in the valley with huge speed and concerned authorities must took serious and strict action against this to save our youth from this kind of social evil. The parents of the addicted person can play an important role to stop drug abuse and we are spreading awareness to the older generation of our valley as well.

Khubaib Mir said, Our Main motives and Objectives is to establish rehabilitation centres for the Drug Addicts /Smokers etc & Organise workshops/seminars for preventive education on serious effects of Drug Abuse. We have started an initiative for a Drug Free Kashmir and are Continuously working to eliminate this Menace from Our Society. From the Past few years there has been an Alarming Rise in the Consumption of Narcotic Substances Among Youth of Kashmir.

Mir added that we are very thankful to DGP J&K Police and other officials for setting up Anti Narcotic Task Force to fight against the growing drug menace in the valley. The youth received a lot of help from both our organizations. All the necessary facts are provided and we works upon to encourage the talents of the valley. We work on the social issues and carry out informative events and programs in the Kashmir Valley. Both the organisations are always available to serve our people, said Khubaib Mir.

Irfan Attari said, Both organisations are working with DRUG-FREE WORLD, INDIA. Drug-Free World is a 100% non-profit project. We educate public, especially youth, on the harmful effects of drugs, arming them with factual information, which will help them to choose to live life drug-free. We had distribution drives where we distributed booklets containing the truth about drugs, getting youth groups and clubs together to share the information and stay drug-free, have essay and poster making competitions, as well as train youth to give seminars, in handling intoxicated persons and getting them sober.

Voice of Youth and Kashmir Youth Web organised back to back programs at various places such as Hungry’s Cafe Lal Chowk, PNG P8 Cafe Hawal, Joggers Park Rajbagh Nishat Garden, Peerbagh, Pratap Park, Sheikhpora Budgam, Ompora Budgam, Main Town Budgam, Wadwan Budgam, Cafe 34 Budgam, Kangan Ganderbal, Baramulla and other places.

Irfan Attari said, Kashmir Youth Web and Voice of Youth both are known for it’s continuous awareness against drugs. Even in COVID-19 lockdown , both organisations were on toes to serve the cause. We have always been at the fore front to pull off the drugs from youth and society. It’s aims at more such events and activities to reach more and more people.

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