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Pride of kashmir | An exclusive Interview of The Real Kashmir News with Kashmiri Zaika Girl, Kainaat.

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An exclusive Interview of The Real Kashmir News with Kashmiri Zaika Girl, Kainaat.

4 Feb 2021: In 2019, when the lowdown started in Kashmir, people were unable to move out for their homes even for the basic needs. It was difficult to get bread from the location kandur (Bakery). In these testing times, Kainaat Syed (32) began Ex- perimental cooking at home.

“I tried making T” Chochwor and girda and I succeeded after several trials. I though why not offer them to others, who launched her YouTube channel, “Kashmiri Zaika”, in 2019.

During the lowdown, I tried to make it a bit easy for the people here by sharing easy and simple recipes of local dishes like khander Tchot, chicken, harrisa, kulcha and Anchaar. I received a tremendous response for my videos, ” She says.

“That was the time I felt satisfied thinking that i could make a difference somehow in those difficult times. The repose for my content is the driving force every recipe I present.

Now, I feel more responsible towards my viewers to bring in more authentic and Interesting ideas. I received a lot of response from the world over, especially from Kashmir diaspora.

Kainaat, who hails from Srinagar, got interesting in cooking during her school days, where they used to hold cooking workshops.

She has won first prize in International food festival organised by Lalu Group in Kingdom of riyad in Saudi Arabia.

While Interview with The Real Kashmir News:-

  1. Tell us about your background. Education and schooling early years..

My self Kainat Syed and I’m from srinagar. Presently I’m a full time You-tuber. I have done my education from Mallinson Girls School. Later I did my graduation and post graduation in Home Science and Management respectively. From the schooling days I was interested in cooking. We used to have cooking workshops at school, from there I have developed interest in cooking .
I have also done some professional Cooking Cources from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Delhi as well.

  1. How did you get associated with food?

As I said it started from my school days and there it developed as a passion and eventually now I’m taking it very seriously. I have done a Course in Arabic & Turkish food from Turkey back in 2018. I’m a trained continental Chef and have done my internships in some big Brand Hotels.

  1. What kid of influence did having this passion have on you.

Earlier I was perusing it as a profession and work but since I started my YouTube Chanel ” Kashmiri Zaika” in early 2019, it has now become my passion. Especially when I started making videos on kashmiri Cuisine, I got tremendous response from viewers. In 2019 when lockdown started in kashmir, people were struggling to move out even it was difficult to get bread from “Kandur” and Meat was also very rare. There an idea clicked to me and I started trying making kashmiri Chochwor and Girda . After trials I got succeed and I was the first YouTuber to give recipes of Chochwor,Girda ,Kashmiri Kulcha, samar Kulcha ,sheermal or Kander Tchot on my YouTube channel Kashmiri zaika . For this I got overwhelming response and people were happy to enjoy our traditional breads at home. Then I made Bakarkhani without oven and even I made “Chicken harrisa” for the first time.
After my successful videos and response I tried many other kashmiri traditional dishes.
Even I made Kashmiri recipes on traditional “Daan”-Chula that is unique and first of it’s kind.

Now I feel it passion and a responsibility towards my viewers to present more n more traditional and original recipes as much as I can.

Not only local response i received lot of response from all around the world from Kashmkri Diaspora and other nationalities for appreciating me to take our culture on global platform.

  1. How did the blogging and blogging and online forey start

It started with an intention to bring our culture and cuisine in a global platform. I had this intention to contribute towards preserving our traditional cuisine for our future generations.

  1. What further plans do you have to take this passion further

Well, I have participated in many food competitions and I have won some of them in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Delhi.
I’m trying as much as I can to preserve and present our culture and traditions globally for our future generations.

I’m planning to open my own food chain very soon.

  1. Tell us about the impact that you have managed to generate for your passion

As I mentioned earlier, In lockdown when people were not moving out and I made life little easy by giving easy and simple recipes of Kashmiri Chochwor, Kander Tchot, Chicken Harrisa , Kashmiri Kulcha, Kashmiri Pickle and many more, I received a huge response appreciating me for making life easy. That was when I felt very happy because I thought I could made a difference somehow to ease out life to some extent in these difficult times.
Likewise I got very good response for my content which is giving me boost and is a driving force behind every recipe I present. I feel more responsible now.

  1. How much time does it take every day to keep up with cooking/blogging. How do you manage it. And who gives you strength and support

I love cooking, so I enjoy it very well but yes it takes really lot of effort to make video on recipes. There is lot of hardwork behind these beautiful dishes which I present to my viewers. After making Video there is editing, voice over, and final product and with 2G speed its really very difficult. Some times it takes me whole night to upload a single video.
Well without support this is impossible and

Alhamdulillah I’m getting lot of support from my family to pursue my passion.

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