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Pride of Kashmir |Bushra Nida from Kulgam wins Kalam award for science poetry

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Pride of Kashmir |Bushra Nida from Kulgam wins Kalam award for science poetry
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24 Feb 2021

Learning about elements in the periodic table is a nightmare for students of chemistry. However, ask Bushra Nida, a student of 12th in Kanipura village of south Kashmir, she would make it sound easy and interesting.

Here is her poem about Helium, a gas that is placed at number two position in the periodic table, a basic tabulation of elements in nature.

In her book ‘The Devy,’ for which she has won the International Kalam Golden award, Bushra Nida writes about Helium (gas that’s located at number two place in the table).


Standing here helium

Going to break today this podium.

High I am at number two without you.

First observed by Perry Johnson,

Via yellow line spectra-line from the sun.

I am simple like hydrogen;

But when I am jealous, I leave my one

And turn into a new tone

By changing colour of my own.

I am universal; I soar very well

If I am inhaled by chance

I can change the pitch of your voice.

I too have many properties

I fly balloons, airships….

This young writer from Kulgam, Bushra makes the learning of science so much fun in her book ‘The Devy’ that has been adjudged as the best entry in the best author category of the ‘International Kalams Golden Awards’ to be presented at Chennai on February 21.

Speaking to Awaz-the Voice, on phone, Bushra said she was happy at receiving the confirmation for the award. “I am unable to travel to Chennai at this moment, so they have agreed to send my award to me by post.”

“Kalams Golden awards” is constituted in the name of former Indian President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam by a Chennai-based NGO. The idea behind these awards is to encourage the young men and women with creative ideas in science.

Bushra is preparing to become a doctor. Her first book ‘Tulips of feelings’ was about her stories of personal loss and ecstasy. “My father was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and I knew he has very little time.” Bushra said.

She knew that her father will not be with them for long time so she wanted to make him happy and proud. The result was her first book The Tulip stories that was published locally.

However, writing her second book wasn’t easy. After her father’s passing away, her mother with her two daughters struggled with financial issues. Bushra was emotionally disturbed at the loss of her father. At that stage, her mother told her to write something on science since not many prefer that genre.

“That night I saw a dream and I got an idea about what I should write.” She said students are generally scared of learning properties of elements of the periodic table. She imagined if each element was an individual with charecterstics and wrote about the first 36 elements in ‘The Dewey.’

“I like to write on science topics and to explore what I know. I am very excited about my contribution to scientific knowledge,” Bashara told Awaz-the Voice. I am sure that my poems will make it easier for people to understand the complicated topics of sciences and benefit the society.

However, after her, the way my mother gave us an incentive to live life and not let anything be lacking – my mother once praised my creativity, which was silenced after my father’s death. Then he woke me up and persuaded me to write again. “

Earlier, speaking to Awaz-the Voice after being nominated for the Kalams Golden Award, Bashara’s elder sister Saima said, “We are all very happy that Bashara has been nominated for the International.”

Bushra is planning to write another book on the rest of the elements in the periodic table. Her next book is titled as E=mc2 square, the famous formula of calculating the relationship between matter and energy in the universe given by Albert Einstein.

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