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Pride of Kashmir: Hameem Kapra, nominated as Downtown’s Youth Icon from Old City Srinagar J&K

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Srinagar, 01 Nov : Hameem Kapra from Downtown Srinagar nominated as Downtown’s Youth Icon from Old City Srinagar J&K, Young and dynamic Srinagar based Social Activist. He is the Vice Chairman of the largest youth based NGO in Old City (The Voice of Youth).

He started from the grassroots movement, keep having surveys on problem faced by youth in day to day life and keep working on them legally and got them solved from the the concerned authorities.

He also organised many Youth Interactions, Debates, Blood Donation Camps in Colleges, Sport Tournament, Free Medical Camps just for the sake of humanity. Youngsters keep joining with him continuously for the noble cause and movement he is spreading all over the Kashmir especially in the Downtown Srinagar.

These kind of activities are new to the youth of Downtown as they are suffering from last 30 years due to the unrest in the part. He always keep collecting donations in public and used to spend on needy ones.

He is working as well to bring youth into the mainstream. He used to organize counselling youth session along with there family and he is spreading the awareness and message that violence will not take you people nowhere, let’s work for peace, prosperity and development together for the betterment of our society.

He ran the largest and most successful campaign last year of helping poor and needy people with the theme of Karew Sa Madad, the said program hits the mind of people and many persons came forward to take part in this initiative.

He is still working for different social issues. Hameem Kapra along with his team of Voice of Youth under the leadership of Chairman Khubaib Mir are continuously going to public outreaches and getting the problems fixed with Immediate time. He is organising youth interaction with the administration to fill the gap between the locals and administration. And like this he is always available to serve people, society within the ambit of Constitution.

There are many issues on which he has worked or working right now, whether it is a developmental or any other.

During this pandemic situation of COVID 19 Hameem Kapra took the another initiative to help people during lockdown and he and whole team of Voice of Youth came forward and donated 1100+ food kits to the needy ones in Srinagar.

This well known youth organisation Voice of Youth has a team of 550 members from all over the Kashmir Valley. And is the the largest group in Srinagar as compared to other organizations.

Besides this Voice of Youth has also a student groups in different colleges with the motive to revive the Student Activism in the valley, currently most active groups are in the college’s of Srinagar such as Amar Singh College, AAA Memorial Degree College, Islamia College, SP College and others.

Hameem Kapra has been honoured as Downtown’s Youth Icon in various Social gathering held at various locations of Kashmir valley under different banners. Recently Former DC Srinagar and KAS Officer honoured Hameem Kapra for his brilliant work in social field during the function held in Srinagar.

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