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Pride of kashmir | Meet 18 Year Old Student Musaib Malik From Militancy Affected Shopain launches his book titled “Civilized Terrorist”.

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A book named “CIVILIZED TERRORIST” was launched today on 30 March 2021 at SKICC. The event had a gathering of about 150 people form different areas of Jammu and Kashmir. The event consisted of different speeches, author reading season and a question and answer season with the author.

The event was marked by the presence of SSP Civil Secretary, Nighat Aman, DYSP Sheikh Aadil and other dignitaries form different professions.
Upon asking the author explained that Civilized this book is a self-help book that is aimed to help people overcome depression, mental health issues and other problems faced due to the cynical society. The book is a guide to self-discovery, true happiness, and a care-free attitude towards negativity.

Musaib Malik is one of the Youngest Humanitarian, Student and Entrepreneur who developed the Social Network for Jammu and Kashmir, “Pouzz”. He is also the creator and host of the podcast “Sets of Change,” which features people worldwide. He is profoundly interested in human-welfare. Having spent most of the time in Jammu and Kashmir, Musaib Malik learned the essence of peace within the conflict from an early age. The quest to explore the humanitarian interests lead to the formation of this book.

Speaking with our correspondent, Malik said that “ There is a lot of menace in the society and most of the times it doesn’t originate from the big factors, rather small and bleak issues that are un-addressed and away from the spotlight. This book is my small attempt to address these small issues which play a major role in shaping the future of youth especially in Kashmir” The humanitarian interests of the author lead to the formation of the book. The book was in progress from two years, it was edited and modified several times so that it is best suited for the target audience. The event was hosted by one of the finest hosts of Jammu and Kashmir, RJ Mursal.

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