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Pride of Kashmir: Meet a young Kashmiri who promotes Unknown artists of Kashmir

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By Irfan Attari

Srinagar, 19 Oct: Shah Mohsin Bilal, recently graduated in Hotel Management courses is living to promote the unknown artists of Kashmir valley. His page Adorable Faces of Kashmir (AFK) is going heights after people are meeting new talented faces like singers, writers, models and what not!

Mohsin without any greed is living this dream to let those people succeed who are not given a chance to present themselves in the crowds. For Mohsin, the biggest dream to fulfill is to bring the talented faces of Kashmir on the front.

Kashmiris are devoid of the facilities and lack of the platforms for different people and fields that’s the reason either people pack their talents and live a normal 9 to 5 life or walk on the paths that compel them to take the weapons. Kashmir is the hub of talent but lack of scope has diminished the light coming.

Shah Mohsin along with his team is working hard to bold the name of Kashmir and the Kashmiri talent in world. Shah Mohsin was struck seeing the talent of Kashmir but there was no one supporting them. Seeing the technology and the increasing demand of social media, Mohsin thought to work on a plan.

He started his page by the name Adorable Faces of Kashmir, which promoted each and every artist of the valley. The page was loved and supported by the Kashmiri audience as it worked to bring the hidden faces in front. Mohsin without any greed is living this dream to let those people succeed who are not given a chance to present themselves in the crowds. Shah started from a number zero after his first account was disabled with a family of 48.7k and now is heading again with a family of almost 26K.

“I want to promote every face of the society especially those who devoid of the financial helpers leave to live their dreams. It is just I want them to show their talent to the world and eventually let the world see the gems of our valley” says Mohsin. “ I want the world to see the real and talented Kashmir. People take Kashmir very under rated and underdeveloped but no one notices the lack of things we face and one of the biggest loss is the lack of options and that’s where my role as a human and a Kashmiri comes into play”, added Mohsin.

Everyone wants to get famous but letting others come forward is very few people’s cup of tea. Today everyone is working on their best points to make their name in the book of records but Mohsin in these circumstances is emerging as a different character, helping the emerging artists. Mohsin says he will work till eternity to bring his Kashmir in the first chapters of art.

Adorable Faces of Kashmir has succeeding in getting many jobs, interviews and the platforms for several artists and that’s the biggest achievement of the page. Helping people get their occupation out of passion has been a great thing for the artists of Kashmir.

Mohsin and his team are planning several events for the betterment of society out of which, Kashmir’s one of the most popular and biggest event is under process. The event will consist of about the audience of 3K and the biggest personalities will join the event. The event will be most probably holding its roots in SKICC or The Lalit and will bring out the best of Kashmir. The event has been postponed due to the recent lockdowns as the gatherings are totally prohibited, but that’s not where the goals of Mohsin will stop.

Mohsin is continuing is passion and the dream of letting Kashmir flourish and no Covid can defeat his aims. Our society need more Mohsins and that’s when the community will come forward. Adorable Faces of Kashmir has become one of the leading known pages of the valley and that’s all the result of whole team of AFK.

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