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Pride of Kashmir: Meet a young student from Srinagar, a calligrapher in demand

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‘Calligraphy is stress buster, takes her close to Allah’

Srinagar, Nov 03: A MBBS student from summer capital Srinagar is now known for her calligraphy art and is getting orders for calligraphy pieces on a daily basis now.

Mir Afreen (24), a resident of Elahibagh area of Srinagar has sold dozens of calligraphy pieces and she loves to make more pieces as she believes “it releases the stress.”

Talking to news agency, Afreen said that when she was in primary classes, she used to take part in different art competitions and since then she developed more interest in the art work.

“After passing 10th class examination, I got very less time but my passion forced me to give some time to art work,” she said, adding that even during “my MBBS course, I continue to give some time with my art.”

She said that art work has never affected her studies, rather it helps her to study well because whenever she feels bit stressed. “I start my calligraphy work and after spending half-an-hour with it. I feel just my new day has just started,” Afreen said, adding that “I am a self-taught calligrapher. I got inspired from a friend Amreen, who is pursuing PhD in Newzealand.”

It takes around two hours to make one calligraphy piece, she said. “I sold it for Rs 500 per piece, she said. “I have sold over 40 pieces so far and I receive more and more orders per week.”

She said: “I will continue my calligraphy whatever conditions are there. This art takes me close to Almighty Allah by writing Quranic Verses and pious names besides it acts as a stress reliever for me.”

She said that her message to all those who are interested in Calligraphy is that this work needs patience and daily practice. “If one has both, you can be the best calligrapher,” she said. “My request to the youth of J&K is that don’t spend your time in futile exercises but come forward and show your talent because if you have a will to do something, you can achieve any goal of the life.”

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