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Pride Of Kashmir | Meet Kashmiri Photographer Peerzada waseem in Collaboration with MD Xavier launched fashion Magazine in Mumbai

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Delhi Kashmir, based photographer launched fashion magazine in Mumbai.

Mudasir Maqbool

New Delhi 20 March : MD Xavier, a Delhi based photographer and Peerzada Waseem a photograher from Kashmir, Wednesday launched a fashion magazine in Mumbai in presence of several known figures of bollywood.

MD Xavier, a renowned celebrity photographer has shot several top actors and iconic faces from the film industry and his pictures speak for his creative skills.

After this endeavor, both the photographers have established themselves as a known name in fashion photography in India.

As per the reports, the magazine will feature top models of the industry.

One of the most powerful fashion photographers of all time, Xavier has worked in both editorial and advertising campaigns with some of the biggest faces in the industry.

At the inaugural launch, Aijaz Khan, Rizwan Kalshyan, Suny Chauhan, hunyla khan Shahida Bashir, Rehan,Kavita Rajput, Hamid .
And 10 Kashmiri models were present, who congratulated the two fashion photographers on their endeavor and wished them luck.

The photographers later on thanked Designer Print City Amir Chan, who helped them in organizing the launching event.

They also thanked Tariq Ahmad, Shah Adnan and Mohsin Andrabi for supporting them during the shoot in Kashmir

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