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Pride of Kashmir: Meet Malik Zaid, a 19-year-old lad, who is spreading truth about drugs in Kashmir

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Srinagar, 28 Nov : Malik Zaid, a 19 year boy from Srinagar is spreading truth about drugs and has made it a priority to help others. He has organized endless programs for the youth trying to raise a sense of awareness regarding drug abuse.

Zaid is actively working with Kashmir Youth Web, one of the leading organisations whose motive is to spread truth about drugs and make Kashmir a drug free region.

Zaid has distributed thousands of books and booklets regarding drug abuse, he
believes that substance abuse creeps into the head of a person first and later the into the body, which makes it important to eradicate drugs from the mind of a person first, hence the books for awareness.

“I owe everything to Irfan Attari, our chairman. He’s a very helpful and empathetic person, he has been a tremendous helper, throughout my time with Kashmir Youth Web, I have helped
people of different Faith’s and cultures, there has never been a bias, because I believe I am working towards the betterment of entire humanity and not just a particular section of it” said Zaid.

“My intent is to reach the vulnerable youth before the drug traffickers do. Me and my team strive towards ending the connection between the traffickers and the youth” added Zaid.

During the Covid 19, whole world was put under a total lockdown, due to which a lot of people found themselves without work and found it extremely difficult
to feed their families. During which several NGO’s and Samaritans did what they could to help whoever they could.

Zaid and his organisation were one among these, they made it a point and instructed everyone to look out for people in their own neighbourhoods and help if anyone needed

His efforts in helping the poor families resulted in him receiving many felicitations out of which he marks the one from IGP Kashmir very momentous.

While working with people who were struck by financial and other tragedies after August 5, 2019, Zaid was troubled upon seeing the condition of some people, how they couldn’t even meet theirbasic needs, he has tried to make sure that these people are cared for and provided with every thing
they need.

Working towards this goal, Zaid along with his members have distributed rations and
food packages to many families. In the weeks following the Covid 19 Lockdown, Zaid volunteered with his team and they went from door to door distributing basic items to people who needed them.

Zaid and his team set up a local network of people to home deliver medicines. They also delivered masks and sanitizers wherever they were contacted from during Covid 19 Lockdown .

Zaid has inspired a lot of young people around him, he leads with an example of working for people in tough times.

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