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Pride of Kashmir | Meet Owais Shafi A prolific Writer from Srinagar

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16 March 2021: Owais Shafi already a prolific writer published in many journals and newspapers, was being vexed as he described by his friends and family for some time to write his full-length book, although hesitant at first he put it on the backburner, he finally decides to do it after coming across his old diaries stacked away in a closet.
“Hard Dreams” is the title of his debut book.
An Engineer by Profession writing had always been a means to better express himself. Owais is a budding entrepreneur and is very dedicated to his work. He says all his life ambitions boil down to a single purpose of serving people in the best possible way be it as a writer or a businessman.
He is passionate and a man of many vocations. His hobbies are Reading, Singing, Traveling, and exploring different things for life to him is a constant teacher.

“At every stage of my life, I was certain about how to feel about things, in general, I had opinions and as I grew beyond that stage of my life these views I had seemed to grow too, some for the best while the others, not so very much.
Some made me positive, while the others made me a sceptic pessimist. I have lived 26 years of this life and experienced 20 of them, out of these 20, 16 years I have managed to store away in the form of small notes and journals, diaries and Facebook posts.
In this brief retelling of my life, I sat down and went through these to try and present how I felt at different milestones of my life; from an elementary schooler who was up to no good, to a weird nerdy college guy. I have tried to present how I felt at those times to emulate a sense of how I as a person changed with time.” ,says Owais Shafi to the Real Kashmir News

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